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Choosing A Small Trailer And Eliminating Skunks

Avoiding skunks in your yard and an answer to “Does a handyguy need a trailer?” Skunky TrailerWe cover both topics in this show.


Skunks, how do you get rid of them?

Don’t give them a reason to come into your yard. Make sure you don’t leave anything around for them to eat, dog or cat food, garbage, etc. Make sure they can’t nest under your shed or house. Skunks will eat most anything. They are particularly partial to eating grubs. Grubs are the larvae of Japanese, and other types, of beetles.

So, treat your yard for grubs. Keep the food and shelter sources buttoned up and the skunks will visit somewhere else. If you have them living under your house then it’s time to call an exterminator.


Grubs can really damage your lawn and trees and you may want to treat for grubs.

Thanks to Winterthur Garden Blog for the grub picture

When they mature into Japanese beetles, they can destroy your trees. There are both chemical and biological treatments for grubs. The chemical treatments are fast and effective when used correctly. The biological treatments, such as Milky Spore, may be more environmentally friendly but can take several seasons to work and are more expensive.


Foldable trailerDoes a handyguy need a trailer? They sure would be useful. Brian and Paul discuss what to do if you don’t have a good place to store one. Can a fold-up trailer fit the bill? Maybe. What The Handyguys found was that in Pennsylvania, it’s a HUGE hassle to get tags and registration for a trailer you assemble or build yourself. If you have the stomach for it, listen to the podcast as Handyguy Brian details the bureaucratic nightmare to register and tag a “kit” trailer in Pennsylvania.

Does anyone know of a decent trailer that can fold up for easy garage storage and that is NOT considered a “kit” by the state of Pennsylvania? Let us know, we may go get one.

11 thoughts on “Choosing A Small Trailer And Eliminating Skunks

  1. Not sure what constitutes a kit trailer in Pennsylvania, but we’ve considered this one from Costco. Haven’t purchased it because we decided it wasn’t worth storing for the few times a year we would use it.

    1. Tonia – That looks pretty cool. It would take up more space than the one we had looked at because it folds differently but it definitely could be a contender. I could really use one this weekend, I may swing by Costco tomorrow morning.

      Anyone else ever seen a trailer that can fold up for easy storage?

  2. How about telling people to live with their skunks and grubs? Seriously, with all we’ve done to nature (gulf spill anyone?) we can learn to live with a little skunk smell every now and then. My guess is that if you own a house you have more pressing issues than skunks. How about clean your gutters instead?

  3. I found a whole family of skunks in my shed last year and discovered you can beat them at their own game. I tossed a sock full of moth balls inside and the skunks moved right out. Turns out they can’t stand the smell, imagine that.

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