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Handyguy Brian

No display on the thermostat and no AC

White-Rodgers 1F86-241 Thermostat

Handyguy Brian had the following conversation, via instant messaging, with his lovely wife (or so he thought) about how to troubleshoot a no display issue with a thermostat and no Air Conditioning (AC). No audio here. Some steps for troubleshooting your AC, thermostat or heat. Below is an actual conversation. The initial assumption was bad […]

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from The Handyguys

As a little Christmas gift we thought we would share this video. In this video a guy apparently cuts through a 2×4 by throwing a saw-blade at it. Oh, and it looks like he cuts it on the line too. Really? A hoax? It doesn’t seem possible. What do you all think? I have watched […]

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