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Can Brian succinctly answer 10 unrelated questions in a single episode?

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Listen to the podcast to find out!

In this episode, Paul pulls 10 questions from our listeners and forums around the Internet. It is Brian’s job to provide brilliant answers in the space of one episode.  Some of these questions are from the Yahoo Answers site which features lots of Q&A forums.  These are questions that Brian has answered previously, but now Brian must regurgitate these answers again “live” on the podcast.  Paul will not allow any stalling.

Perhaps some of these questions pertain to issues you have around the house.

Here our the 10 Questions for Handyguy Brian.  Listen to the Podcast for the answers.

Q1  Steve has a problem with a corner kitchen cabinet where the supply water lines leaked.  It ruined the bottom/floor of the cabinet and caused the particle board to swell up making an uneven surface.  The bottles of dishwasher soap keep falling over. What is the solution?

Listen to the podcast for some solutions!

Q2  What to do about household smells?  Matt asks the Handyguys about a strange smell that awakes him 2-3 times per year at around 2AM.  It smells like burning rubber.  Matt checked all the appliances and can’t figure out where the smell is coming from.  The smell eventually dissipates on its own. How can Matt determine the cause of this smell?

Any suggestions from our listeners? Listen to the show for some ideas.

Q3  Upon flushing the toilet, the commode shoots water up on the seat!  The toilet is 10-15 years old.  What is causing this?

Yikes – Paul chimes in on this one.

Q4  How do I get red clay stains off of a concrete bench?

You can click the play button for an answer. Better yet, subscribe to the show so you don’t mis an episode.

The Handyguys will take your questions via the phone at (615) 676-0877. Leave an email address if you want an immidate and direct response.
The Handyguys will take your questions via the phone at (615) 676-0877. Leave an email address if you want an immediate and direct response.

Q5  How many rolls of wallpaper would it take to cover one wall that is 20 feet long and of average height?

Math questions – we hate math questions but do have an answer..

Q6  Is there a big window sticker that I can stick on a clear window to make it blur?

Hint:  Check out our episode #7.

Q7  We laid Pergo laminate flooring a couple years ago but now it is buckling in a few places because we did not leave enough space around the outside to allow for expansion. How can we cut around the edge of the floor that is already laid?

Tools – you need the right tool for the job. Listen to find out why a Fien Multimaster may be your best bet.

Q8  What should I do about condensation on the inside of the refrigerator?  It is not very old.  What could be causing this?

Answer to the question in the podcast.

Q9 How do I get started in wood working?

Hint: Check out the Wood Whisperer at www.thewoodwhisperer.com

Q10  Could someone help me choose a good power screwdriver?  It will be used mainly for drywall and some light wood use.  Cost should be between $40-$80.

Lots of good choices. Maybe the Bosch mentioned on our drill comparison show.

Paul then asks a bonus question at the end of the show.  Check out the podcast for details.

On next week’s show, the Handyguys finally get around to installing their new faucets!  Brian and Paul video their respective installations. Brian installed a Price Pfister faucet on his powder room sink.  Paul plans to install his new Grohe faucet on his master bathroom sink.  Every step of this process will be detailed in next week’s episode.

One thought on “Home Improvement Tips, Rapid Fire

  1. Good Show!
    Thanks for mentioning your response to my email question about the sink cabinet floor. I was looking through the “big orange box” the other day and rediscovered FRP panels. I’m considering using one of these since it is thin and quit flexible. I might be able to bow it enough to get it into place and then just screw it down to the existing particle board. It has that nice hard, glossy finish on it too, which will repel water and make it easy to clean.
    Thanks again!

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