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How to Operate a Drill

by The Handyguys

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I know it seems like a basic thing but we have been asked how to use all the settings on a basic power drill. Check out what the Handyguys have to say about how to operate a drill. Speed, torque, clutch and gears are discussed.

Drill Speed

Generally, the larger the bit the slower you want to set the speed.

Drill Torgue

Many drills this is related to speed. The slower the speed, the higher the torque. Higher torque is sometimes good when using your drill for driving screws.

Drill Clutch

The clutch is used when you are driving screws with your drill. You can set the clutch to disengage the rotation of the drill when a certain resistance is encountered. This can be useful to prevent over driving of screws or over tightening.

Drill Gears

These will set the torque and or speed. The term Drill Gears is sometimes used to refer to the modes like drill, drive screws or hammer drill.

Operate a drill

Hopefully this video answered some questions people have had about their drills. Please always refer to your owners manual for specifics regarding your particular drill and observe all safety precautions.

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Amelia November 3, 2014 at 10:37 pm

This is a great post! It’s something that everyone assumes that either they themselves, or anyone working with them, already knows…but many people do not fully understand how to properly operate a drill. Thanks for sharing!


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