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Wet Paint – painting tips

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The HandyGuys Episode #2: Wet Paint!

Show Summary About Home Improvement

The Handyguys discuss HGTV’s 2008 home improvement guide by Brandie Malay. This article can be found here: The handy guys like some of the suggestions in this article. A lot of improvements can be made to your house without spending a lot of money! Replacing old or outdated plumbing fixtures are a great way to spruce up the bathroom or kitchen. These refreshing updates are recommended whether you are planning to sell or live in your house for years to come!

The handyguys respond to their first question regarding paint. The following question is asked:

Hey Handy Guys,
In the past month, I’ve heard two different cases of a wife picking a color from a paint sample and after the husband got 2 gallons (in one case) or 3 gallons (in the other) of the custom paint, it was generally agreed that the color was not right (too bright in both cases). Of course the paint could not be returned.
How is a guy to pick the right custom paint color without having to chalk up the first 2 gallons under the category of “lessons learned?”
Your loyal listener,
[For the full answer to this question, check out the podcast]

This is an age-old problem that any D-I-Y house painter has faced. The fact is that you are never sure how a paint will look until you get some on your walls under the lighting and structural conditions of your home…not the paint store! Listen to this podcast for some suggestions on how to address this dilemma (hint: try the stores where you can purchase small quantity paint containers).

The handyguys also discuss why it is important to purchase good quality paint and paint brushes. They recommend checking out your local paint store for paint instead of the big box stores. Brian specifically recommends the Purdy angled brush for cutting in and for trim. Paint specialty stores typically have employees that know a lot about paint! They will give you the best advice about which paint to use for your project. Is the paint going to be more expensive than the big box store? Most likely… but it will also be better quality paint and the good advice will make your visit worthwhile. If you do not get good service, find another paint store.
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