Reciprocating Saw Test

Battery Versus Corded Reciprocating Saws

Show #3 The Cut-up Show

In this show, the Handyguys have their first head-to-head tool challenge, comparing a traditional corded Milwaukee sawzall against a Makita cordless reciprocating saw. But before they get to the tool challenge, the Handyguys finish their tips on the proper tools for a good paint job.

There are not as many gimmicks for putting paint on walls as there are for cutting in (see Show #2 where we discuss edging tools). Most people use the traditional rollers, making this process is fairly simple. However, there are other options such as power rollers, paint sticks and spray-on tools. The spray-on tools do not make much sense for homeowners as you will normally have to go back and use a roller to achieve the proper texture. The paint sticks may make sense if you are doing a large job such as priming several rooms or a huge basement, but they require too much clean up time for smaller jobs.

Despite the fact that the Handyguys love their power tools, painting is best done with the traditional roller. Make sure you use the correct nap and start rolling! But how do you clean those rollers when you are done? Check out the show for more details.

And now it’s time for the first Handyguys head-to-head tool challenge in Brian’s garage. The guys take two reciprocating saws to see how they compare when cutting through a 2×4 board, embedded with a few 16 penny nails. One saw is a traditional 8 amp Milwaukee Sawzall running at 2800 SPM. This is the old standby and is battle worn and scarred. Its replacement is the Super Sawzall on sale with a great tool belt. The challenger is a brand new cordless Makita LXT 18 volt reciprocating saw running at 2900 SPM. How does the cordless tool stand up to the powerful Sawzall? Check out the show and see which tool can cut through the wood and nails more quickly. The blades used were the Milwaukee “Axe” demolition blades. These are about the best blades you can buy for rough work in wood with nails.

Reciprocating Saw Test Cutting with the SawzallThe Makita LXT

Finally, the Handguys talk about great places on the internet to buy tools. Most savvy tool buyers already know about the places like Amazon, Rockler (exceptional customer service), Lee Valley and even Craigslist. All are great places to buy tools.

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