How To Paint Like A Pro Android | Google Podcasts | RSSIn this episode The Handyguys discuss painting. Planning your painting project, materials and tools are discussed in this podcast. Planning Handyguy Brian originally intended to paint the entryway and foyer of his house. The … Continue reading How To Paint Like A Pro

Reciprocating Saw Test

Battery Versus Corded Reciprocating Saws Android | Google Podcasts | RSSShow #3 The Cut-up Show In this show the Handyguys have their first Head to Head Tool Challenge, comparing a traditional corded Milwaukee sawzall against a Makita cordless reciprocating saw. But before they get … Continue reading Battery Versus Corded Reciprocating Saws

Wet Paint – painting tips Android | Google Podcasts | RSSThe HandyGuys Episode #2: Wet Paint! Show Summary About Home Improvement The Handyguys discuss HGTV’s 2008 home improvement guide by Brandie Malay. This article can be found here: The handy guys like some … Continue reading Wet Paint – painting tips