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What Is A Certificate Of Use And Green Lawn Tools

Green mower?The Handyguys begin their show discussing some new green lawn tools. Their conversation was prompted by an article in the Wall Street Journal regarding some new “green” lawn tools written by Gwendolyn (Wendy) Bounds. She even tested out a new battery operated riding mower. Her video is a must view if you are considering one of these.

Certificate of Use Requirements

The Handyguys then discuss the topic of “Certificate of Use”. What’s that? In many townships across the country they are requiring certain safety items to be present in a home before a sale can proceed. Sometimes the upgrades can be difficult, expensive or just a pain.

The Handyguys discuss many of the common elements in a Certificate of Use inspection. This inspection is not to be confused with a code inspection that may be required during a major remodel. Below is some language from a typical requirements document from a local township.

Minimum Life Safety Requirements

  1. smoke detectorGround Fault Circuit Interrupter (G.F.C.I’s) receptacles are required for receptacles located in bathrooms, powder rooms, garages, outside receptacles, vicinity of pools, saunas etc. and in kitchens where the receptacles are within six (6) feet of the waters edge of the sink. A receptacle with a single yolk that is dedicated for an appliance need not have a GFCI installed.
  2. Smoke detectors are to be installed, in working order, in each bedroom, in the vicinity of the bedrooms and each floor of the dwelling including basements. In a split-level dwelling without an intervening door between adjacent levels, smoke detectors are required in the vicinity of the bedrooms and the lower level that is one story below the upper level. If an intervening door exists between adjacent levels, a smoke detector shall be installed on each level.
  3. cracked concreteAt least one operable carbon monoxide detector shall be installed in the hallway in the vicinity of the bedroom area of the dwelling.
  4. For dwellings equipped with a fire suppression or sprinkler system, the applicant shall provide documentation that the system has been inspected and certified within the past 12 months by a certified inspection agency.
  5. Sidewalks, driveway aprons and curbs must be in good condition. Out of level, fragmented or otherwise deteriorated sidewalks, driveway aprons and curbs must be removed and replaced. Patching shall not be permitted.
  6. House numbers must be affixed on the outside of the dwelling so that they are visible from the street. The house numbers must be three and one half (3 ½) inches in height.

Sanitary Sewer Infiltration Prevention

  1. house numbersSump pumps and floor drains are to be discharged to the exterior of the dwelling. Sump pumps and floor drains connected to the sanitary sewer are illegal and must be corrected.
  2. Roof drains and yard drains shall not be connected to the sanitary sewer.
  3. The sewer lateral curb trap vent pipe must be six (6) inches above grade and have a secure vent cap or box. If the curb trap vent pipe is not exposed, the vent pipe must be located, raised and installed with a Philadelphia Regulation vent box. In the event that the curb trap vent cannot be located, the applicant shall obtain a registered plumber to provide documentation that the curb trap vent could not be located.

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