DIY Kitchen Remodel

A finished Handyguy kitchen remodel
A finished kitchen remodel done by Brian.

The Handyguys Brian & Paul discuss a DIY kitchen remodel.

Some of the topics discussed in this podcast:

  • Planning
  • Skills
  • Tools
  • Timeline
  • Budget
  • When to bring in a professional

Listen to the podcast for details and enjoy the before and after pictures. The first three are before pictures. The rest are after. Click on any image for a full size view.

15 thoughts on “DIY Kitchen Remodel

  1. Good show!
    I’m about to gut our master bath. I’ve been building a new double vanity, and we’ll be replacing the countertop, sinks, toilet, flooring, and lighting.
    I’m in the process of planning the sequence of removing all of the old pieces and then installing the all the new elements so that the room is out of service for the least amount of time. Like with your kitchen, I’m having the countertop fabricated, so they will need the vanity in place before they can measure. So to expedite the whole process, I’m going to have to install the flooring after the cabinet is in place but before I install the new toilet.
    Hope I’m not overlooking something!
    Wish me luck…

  2. We are engaged in this very type of project. We had a water tank in the kitchen that bust and poured water on the floor. The insurance company tore up half the floor. We decided to gut the kitchen and replace the vinyl floor with tile. We decided to remove the cabinets and old appliances that all needed to be replaced. We then found the roof was leaking.

    1. Eddie – Good luck with your project. The roof is the first priority, you don’t want that leak impacting any new work. Feel free to drop us a ling if you have any questions along the way.

  3. we are discussing adding a vent hood. I have heard that one possible problem with vent hoods that exhaust to the outdoors is hat they can draw gasses from hot water heater/furnacnes both which we have in the kitchen into the room. This could present a danger. we found a recirculating vent hood but my wife says this is ineffective at removing grease etal from the air. Does anybody have information on this?

    1. Eddie – You are absolutely correct. There are very specific building codes regarding proximity of vents to one another. The documentation of the hood should outline this. If the hood documentation doesn’t cover it it is definitely covered in the furnace or water heater documentation. I seem to recall its a minimum of 3 feet from the next nearest vent but you should check your codes and the documentation of the hood. We are talking about where the vent exists the house, on the outside, there is nothing I am aware of that prohibits hoods from being in proximity to a furnace or water heater. We could talk some about ‘make up’ air but that usually isn’t an issue with most residential hoods. A hood that vents to the outside is always more effective and preferred if possible. So, you are both correct.

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