Fence Repair Kit

How to Repair an Underground Dog Fence

We talked about installing your own underground dog fence in the past but now we provide an overview of how to repair your underground fence when the wire gets cut (and it will eventually!). The wire provided in most DIY underground dog fences is not very strong so it is not difficult for you to develop a break as a result of an errant shovel, a bad frost, or in my case the pull behind aerator on my John Deere lawn tractor. This video will show you how to repair an underground dog fence.

I had the misfortune of cuttting my wire in three locations.  I was not thinking straight when I aerated last fall and ran completely over my underground wire. Fortunately I only cut the wire in corners there the wire trencher tends to lift the wire higher then the rest of the loop (pay attention to this if you rent your own wire trencher).
Fence Repair Kit

PetSafe Pet Fence Wire Quick And Easy Break Detector / Locator

The good news is that finding these breaks was fairly easy. The project to repair three breaks only took me about an hour.  You need the Petsafe pet fence wire break locator. It make the process relatively using a transmitter and old fashioned AM transistor radio to find the breaks. The kit also provides wire nuts to make the repairs. We show you how to use this kit in this video. Enjoy.

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  1. When I found out I needed to repair my underground dog fence, I figured it would be a nightmare to repair, but with your guys’ help it was super easy! 🙂

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