Frost Free Exterior Faucet Repair

The Handyguys discuss the repair of the newer frost free style of exterior faucet / hosebib / sillcock. A great spring project!

1) Identify the make/model

Does your exterior faucet need a repair? You will need to get an Exterior Faucet Repair kit for the specific brand and style faucet you have. Look for the manufacturer on the side, top or on the handle. If you are lucky, you will find a model number too. Armed with the right information, you can then search Amazon for the correct repair kit.

2) Order the parts

Order the repair kit from Amazon. While you are there, add a few other items to your cart to get free shipping if you are cheap like The Handyguys.

3) Replace everything

Of course, turn off the water BEFORE you attempt an exterior faucet repair! Disassemble the faucet and swap the old parts for the new parts in the kit. We recommend just swapping everything for what they give you in the kit. If one washer is bad, it’s likely another O ring will be bad soon. Don’t worry if you have extra parts, many kits have parts for different models.

Water valves can last a long time with the proper care. Make sure that you install a new valve with the proper in order to ensure its long life.

Exterior Faucet Repair kit example

6 thoughts on “Frost Free Exterior Faucet Repair

  1. My Crane freeze-proof outdoor faucet was leaking significantly around the stem when the faucet was open but the sprayer was off. Thinking that perhaps the packing or rubber washers were gone, I took it apart. That’s when I discovered that there is a spring-loaded sliding sleeve at the far end and that it was stuck halfway open. When I freed (with WD-40) and lubricated (with plumber’s grease) that and got it moving freely again, then reassembled everything, the faucet worked perfectly. Just something else to look for before rebuilding or replacing the faucet.

    1. Many of these faucets are, it seems, needlessly complicated. i too needed to fix a drippy one last weekend, I couldn’t find the parts so I just cleaned up everything, lubed the washers and O rings with plumbers grease and re-assembled. Fixed it! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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