What Blade To Use With Reciprocating Saw / Sawzall

Brian explains that there is only one blade that you need for demolition. Watch the show to learn about demolition blades for reciprocating saws.

Demolition blades for reciprocating saws

A reciprocating saw is not a tool for fine detail work. It’s used for quick cuts and for demolition–usually demolition. Don’t use it for fine carpentry.

The Axe by MilwaukeeThe Axe - demolition blades for reciprocating saws

The Axe, and similar demolition blades are thicker and heavier than cheaper blades. They wont bend as easily, will last longer and cut faster through wood embedded with nails.


The saw makes a difference too.

In one of the earlier videos, The Handyguys discussed reciprocating saw stroke length and how that affected the speed of cuts (and hence the ease of demolition). Check it out

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  1. Nice information Handyguys. I am very much in need of this article. Your Video explains all this concept clearly. A big thanks for your information.

  2. Hi Guys, Just found your site today, A wealth of Knowledge thanks..
    Question please…. I am working on a art project which consisted of unique pieces for driftwood attached to a stone base. There will be a metal 5-8 inch rod attached to the stone and the driftwood. My question is around attaching the metal rod to the stone base. I assume I would use a hammer drill for the hole and glue the rod in? What type of glue would you suggest? And should I use wood glue for glueing the driftwood and metal rod together ? Thanks, Walter

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