Headlight Lens Restoration

Headlight Lens Restoration

Over time, the headlights on your car or Handyguy Hauler may not shine at full brightness. The lenses may need restoration. In this video, the Handyguys produced a video comparing a commercial product for headlight lens restoration. The Handyguys then compare this to a home remedy.

Commercial Headlight Lens Restoration

There are many products that a DIYer can use for headlight lens restoration. Handyguy Paul use the Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit available at Amazon. This product is incredibly reliable and easy for any homeowner to use.

Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit

DIY Hack Headlight Lens Restoration–Toothpaste!

If you want to try a DIY hack for restoring your lens, then many suggest using toothpaste! You use toothpaste as a polish. First, clean the lens thoroughly with window glass cleaner and then polish with toothpaste. Make sure that you are using the white toothpaste rather than a gel.



While the toothpaste did an okay job, it didn’t really compare to the final results of the commercial product. The Handyguys recommend the DIY-er to spend a few bucks and get the Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit available at Amazon.

5 thoughts on “Headlight Lens Restoration

  1. I payed a pretty penny to have this done to my head lights and it did make a big difference and I can tell it’s time to do this again. However I’m going to try your way and see how it goes:).

  2. I’m always shocked at how big a difference a set of restored headlights makes. I bought a new car recently and for the first few days I kept thinking I was driving with my brights on! Interesting call on the toothpaste, though…

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