Security Lighting Options

Security lighting is an inexpensive way to upgrade your home’s safety. In this video, The Handyguys discuss how a homeowner should go about choosing  lighting.

The key to home security lighting is that it has motion sensing abilities AND dusk-to-dawn. You don’t want your lighting coming on during the day. There is also no need to have it on when no one is nearby.

Decorative home security lighting

If you are shopping for new lights, then make sure you purchase ones with built-in dusk-to-day and motion sensing capabilities. Your aesthetic selections may be somewhat limited though.

Designers Edge L-2553BK 16-Inch Dual Eye Motion-Activated Outdoor One-Light Upward Wall Sconce, Black Metal with Beveled Glass

Utilitarian home security lighting

Many people will use a more utilitarian light dedicated to home security. Your options here may be more plentiful than decorative options.

LED Outdoor Security Floodlight with Dusk to Dawn Light Sensor, Motion Activated Protection, Super Bright 2000 Lumens, 25 Watts, White

Upgrading existing lighting to home security lighting

Handyguy Brian decided he didn’t want either option. Instead, he bought a separate motion sensor with dusk-to-dawn and installed it in the eave of his garage. He was able to keep the nice lights he already had and added the security capabilities.

Heath/Zenith SL-5407-BZ-B Replacement Motion Sensor, Bronze
If you are handy with electrical projects, or decide to hire an electrician, a sensor like this can be added to existing lighting.

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