Avoiding Costly DIY Mistakes

First off, The Handyguys welcome listeners from RFC Radio and give them a brief background on The Handyguys. See below for a discussion on some costly DIY Mistakes and our take on them.

Costly DIY Mistakes

Having to pump water from a finished basement is a costly mistake
Having to pump water from a finished basement is a costly mistake.

This week we talk about the most costly mistake a DIYer can make when finishing a basement not taking care of potential water issues before finishing your basement. Water can damage your belongings and your newly finished wall and flooring and can cause mold, rot and decay. The Handyguys provide some tips to ensure your basement will stay dry. Even if you are not finishing your basement, check out the podcast tips and keep your basement dry!

Ideally, water penetration is prevented from the outside of your foundation wall. The most common contributor of a damp or wet basement is improper grading around your house. If the ground around your house slopes toward your house then water will likely find its way into your basement. Fix the grading and you can prevent most water problems. Another common contributor to water in the basement are short downspouts that empty water to close to the foundation. You should extend your downspouts at least four feet to six feet from your house.

Listener Questions

Broken Window

The Handyguys then address a question left as a comment on our show about window repair.

Bonnie Writes:

Randomly exploding windows? What could be going on? Listen to the podcast for some discussion about the problem.
Randomly exploding windows? What could be going on? Listen to the podcast for some discussion about the problem.

Hi, My husband and I have been searching the net looking for an answer. Our home has vinyl windows they are probably at least 15 yrs. old. So this year in the last 4 months they have started to literally explode. So far 4 of them. We were actually home when one went tonight, it sounded like an explosion, we thought someone threw a brick at our house. After looking around sure enough it had happened again. We can’t figure this out. They are double pane, argon gas filled. No real pattern, sometimes its the inside pane (1) and sometimes the outside pane (3). Can you by any chance tell us whats going on? I am going to call the insurance agent tomorrow but I don’t know if they will cover something like this. any ideas would be most appreciated.

Thank you Bonnie

The Handyguys address this very odd issue and give some suggestions for Bonnie. Listen to the podcast for details.

HE Furnace Vent

Another fan write us ad asked about critters getting into the vents for their new high efficiency furnace.

Diane wrote:

Just had a 95% high efficient furnace installed with the vent going out the side of my home (PVC pipe).

My concern is that a small animal could crawl into it?

Should it have some sort on grate on it? It is only @ 2 feet from the ground.


Diane – The way your vents are installed is normal. We do have some suggestions if critters become an issue or you are concerned. Listen to the podcast for details and discussion.

vent brushDryer Vent Discussions

The Handyguys wrap up the show with a brief discussion of dryer vent cleaning. This should be an additional item for our Spring Home Inspection Checklist that was discussed during show 57. Do you clean your dryer vents? Any tips you would like to share with other listeners? Leave a comment.

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