Tool Montage

New Innovative Tools

The Handyguys discuss some innovative tools and interview a tool inventor.

Stanley Tripod LightThis show features some innovative tools. You may want to consider them for Christmas gifts for the handy person on your gift giving list.

First off, check out our Handyguys Stocking Stuffer List

Two weeks ago we published a list of  unique stocking stuffers.  There you will find the Stanley tripod light.
During this episode Paul discusses his use of this light. He gave it a durability test and used it on some household projects. What may appear as gimmicky has actually proven to be a pretty useful addition to a DIYers arsenal. Listen to the podcast to get Paul’s full impression.

Then we interview the “Handsome Handyman”

Jake TysonJake Tyson, he goes by “The Handsome Handyman”. Jake tells us  how he invented a new hammer and started a tool company,  Redback Tools. Jake started with the Hammer which has a unique curved shaft and a nice grip. The curved shaft doesn’t effect the balance yet allows for hammering in odd spots. The grip, in conjunction with he unique shaft, makes for a very comfortable hammer to use. The Hammer comes in three sizes, 24oz, 20oz and 16oz. Jake also has a few other unique variations of some common tools. The Sketch Tape – This is a tape measure with a writable and erasable surface. No more writing measurements on scrap pieces of lumber. The Maxi S5 screwdriver – This screwdriver is able to handle multiple size Phillips screws with one screwdriver. No need to have three screwdrivers in your toolkit or a screwdriver with detachable bits that can get lost. Jake has a few other tools on his site. Check them out. You can order online or pick them up at your local Lowes.

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