Happy Thanksgiving

The Handyguys are taking a break from their regular podcast this week to give thanks.

We are spending time with family and friends, eating plenty of turkey and generally enjoying ourselves.

Turkey on platter

We would like to take time to thank our listeners and subscribers, those that have patronized our store, and those companies that have sponsored various episodes and parts of the site. Without all of us working together this site would not be possible. Thanks!

We will take this opportunity to provide a few tips for getting the most out of our site.

Listener questions – The Handyguys Paul and Brian always respond as quickly as possible to listener questions. We may not use your question in an upcoming show but we will help you out regardless.

Call in number – You always have the ability to call in a question. Our voicemail system does not currently have an outgoing message, it just beeps. Leave your question after the beep. If you want us to follow-up directly please leave your contact information. We may use your voicemail on the air but we will keep your contact info private.

Our store – Purchases through our store help off-set the costs associated with producing this podcast. Many posts have links directly to the store or to Amazon. Amazon handles all of the billing and fulfillment for us. (UPDATE: Our store is now all Amazon products!)

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Thanksgiving TableImages – When we have a thumbnail image, you can usually click on it to see a full sized version.

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OK – That’s it. Next week we will be doing an interview with a tool inventor and discussing one of our stocking stuffer ideas in a little more detail.

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