Mailbox Post Choices

The Handyguys, Paul and Brian, discuss your mailbox post options in this podcast. Before you dig a hole in your lawn, or get a chinook helicopter to remove your old post (as Handyguy Paul playfully suggests), it’s best to know what choices you have when it comes to choosing a mailbox post.

spindigger mailbox post

Basically, you want to match your mailbox post to the style of house that you have. In some cases, a neighborhood has the same type of posts and you want to blend in by building one that looks the same as your neighbors’. But if you don’t have any limits to the kind of post you’re building, here are some of your choices:

Wood mailbox posts

You can choose from a variety of woods when creating a mailbox. The most common are cedar and redwood. You can also opt for pressure treated lumber. Take note that one disadvantage of wood is it rots easily. This means you may have to replace your mailbox post often.

Cast Iron mailbox posts

From your mailbox post options, cast iron posts are probably the most durable. The only problem is it can easily develop rust, which will then cause damage to your post. Make sure you keep it painted if you’re choosing an iron cast mailbox post. Powder coated posts are also available in the market, which lengthens the life of your cast iron post.

Plastic mailbox posts

One advantage of using plastic is it doesn’t rust or rot. Plus, today’s plastic posts come in different molds. Some are made to look like stones, which can be perfect for the style of house that you have.

Spindigger mailbox posts

Spindigger is a new product that your Handyguys have recently tried out and is a good addition to your mailbox post options. Spindigger’s mailbox posts are made of rust proof cast aluminum and require no digging. Handyguy Brian says that it basically has an auger-type device, which screws your post to the ground. To find out more about Spindigger’s mailbox posts, go to You can also check out this brief video The Handyguys made installing a SpinDigger. Listen to the podcast for the full discussion.

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