GE Refrigerator ice-maker repair video

GE Side by Side Refrigerator Water and Ice Dispenser Problem

When I joined forces with Brian to create the Handyguys Podcast I had no idea that so many subjects for future posts existed in my kitchen. The newest is a water and ice dispenser problem with my GE side by side.  My dishwasher problems (and fixes!) keep this site busy. My GE side-by-side refrigerator is now in a competition with the Kenmore elite (Whirlpool made) dishwasher as the worst appliance ever owned by Handyguy Paul. Last night I fixed one more water and ice dispenser problem that has driven the kids crazy.

GE Refrigerator ice-maker repair video

Let’s review previous problems with this unit.

Model: GE side by side stainless steel gss25tsre.SS. Purchased 10/2005:

1. Shelves too small in freezer causing them to crash to bottom of freezer.  GE sent replacements.

2. Water tank leak.  Fixed 10/2011.

3. Defrost problems causing the freezer coils to freeze up which makes freezer and refrigerator compartments too warm.  Temporary solution was to remove back wall panel of freezer and melt ice on coils with hair dryer.  That solution lasted for about a month.  The permanent required replacement of the control board.  Fixed 12/2011.

4. The water and ice dispenser problem began intermittently on 3/2012. The original solution was to wait overnight and hope my water and ice dispenser problems went away.  It did begin working again for a few days at a time.  A few weeks later it only worked for a few hours at a time.  After 4 weeks from when the dispenser stopped working, the dispenser went dead for good.  I finally grew tired of the problem and fixed it.

There are several potential causes of the water and ice dispenser problem.

Water and Ice Dispenser Problem – Water not dispensing but Ice is….

First identify what exactly is not working.  Does any aspect of the dispenser work such as the water, ice, light, etc.?  If only the water flow is broken, you may have a bad water valve on the back of the unit.  Or, more likely, the water line is frozen or clogged.  If the water is not working, wait a day or two and see if the problem self-corrects. In some cases, the defrost cycle can cause=e the line to freeze because it does not have adequate insulation in the door.  If the problem persists, investigate proper water flow on the line . You can open up the kick plate at the bottom of your unit and look for the coupler under the freezer door where the water line is routed from the back of the freezer up to the dispenser. Disconnect this coupler and see if you have water coming out. You should only get a trickle.  Then depress your water dispenser switch and see if water begins shooting out. If the water does begin flowing, then your clog is in the section of tube in your freezer door. You can try putting all your food in an ice chest and thawing out the freezer to see if you can get the tube working or you can just replace the tube.

Water and Ice Dispenser Problem – Water and Ice not working

If neither your ice or water are working from your dispenser you could have the following problems:

1.  Bad dispenser switch. You will have to investigate this by removing the button panel and getting access to the switch. You can usually hear whether the switch is trying to activate.

2. Bad electrical connection to the dispenser.  This was my problem! I removed the kick plate at the base of the unit and looked for the electrical connection under the freezer hing.  There is a coupler there which connects the electrical wires that run to the switch.  In my case I could see that there was corrosion on the wires.  I cut out the coupler and reconnected the wires using appropriate crimpers and electrical tape.  Problem solved.  See Video for more details.

3.  Bad control board.  The other cause of this problem is when the main control board located on the back of the refrigerator stops working correctly. This is a common problem. If you have checked 1 and 2 above, you can order a new control board at (search them with the search below this post). They have a 365 day return policy in the event that this does not solve your problem.

Water and Ice Dispenser Problem – Only Ice Not Dispensing

Assuming the chute from the ice box to the dispenser is not clogged, there could be an issue with the ice auger mechanism.  There are various posts around the internet dealing with this issue so consult google.  But still check out our video!

Check out the video I made for more details on the water and ice dispenser problem and see the revenge I take on my refrigerator unit.

Thanks to for the visual effects!

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  1. I’ve had similar issues with only ice not dispensing and your video helped greatly! I was quoted an insanely high number to have a serviceman come and fix it for me but I was able to do it myself!

  2. Great video!
    A giant leap in production quality!
    We have a similar model GE. Have had a chronic problem of a frozen water line to the dispenser. Used a hair dryer to thaw the door area a few times, with success, and other times, I just left the door open for an hour, with an insulating blanket covering the opening of the freezer compartment. The fix seemed to be: as soon as there are any open spaces in the freezer compartment, I fill them with gallon milk jugs, filled with water. These seem to help stabilize the temperature, and keep the door area from getting too cold.

    1. Another repairman (fixing our GE oven) said to leave the light on your dispenser on for a day or so…it thaws out the connection and the ice/water dispenser did work fine after that. Now the issue is the intermittent working of the dispenser.

        1. Hi, I was able to replace my control panel on my water dispenser thanks to your video. I’ve also used your suggestion of using a blow dryer to unfreeze the water line several times. Unfortunately, I’ve misaligned the housing where the ice and water dispense. Any recommendations for straightening it out so it’s no longer angled to the right?
          Thanks in advance!

      1. Linda: Thanks for taking the time to write your comment. After reading it, we turned the light on for about 3 hours and ours thawed, too. Water started coming through. Such as easy and FREE fix. Thank you!!!

  3. Thank you Paul for such an informative article on Water Dispenser. I have been facing some issues with my Dispenser but couldn’t figure out what was wrong with t, but after reading your article I guess that the electrical connection had malfunctioned. Keep up the great work.

  4. GE side by side fridge. Very low water flow in both dispenser and in ice maker. Traced problem to the filter assembly. Disconnected water line to filter and found that I had full water flow. Unable to get water flow above a dribble from the assembly to the double water valves. Replaced filter with bypass and the problem was still there. Discharge line from filter assembly was clear, but couldn’t get air through the supply side (in either direction). Seemed to be a blockage in the line. Am wondering whether there is some type of flow restrictor or check valve in this supply line.

    1. I know you said you have full flow to the filter. Don’t be so sure. If you use one of those clamp on saddle valves they are notorious for restricting flow. Solder in a Tee, a normal shutoff valve and a connector for the supply line. Its a cheap thing to do (and easy if you can solder) and will likely increase flow. Let us know if that works for you.

  5. hi there
    thnx for this video on the ge side by side fridge…..worst ever. anyway…was away 3 days came home to ice working great and full and the water not working at all. line in fridge doesn’t seem to be frozen. took off the kick plate at the bottom and when i disconnected the water flow and pushed on water on door it came shooting out of the tube in my hand…so not sure where my problem is. i had it set at 5 while away…tried it at 3 all day to see if that helped…it didn’t. any other suggestions? thank you so much!

    1. The water tube can still be frozen where it goes from the coupler that you disconnected to the water dispenser. These refrigerators are known for having that line freeze up. The probablem normally corrects itself after awhile (i think) when the unit goes through its defrost cycle. Otherwise, you can leave the freezer door for a spell to warm it up and see what happens. What you described makes sense: when you depress the water dispenser, it tells the valve at the back of the fridge to open and release water which then runs the water under the unit to the point where you disconnected it. When you reconnect, the water stops there is a section frozen in the rest of the hos e(assuming I am correct).

        1. You can force the defrost element ON to test; this is most likely NOT a GE recommended test, but it does work on this unit. GSH25SGPASS.

          You can test the heating element for continuity, it should NOT be “open” and should have continuity. If it’s “open” it’s shot.

          Or you can run the “force it on” test as shown here;

          This is probably not an “authorized” test from GE, but I’ve done it on several of the GSH25SGPASS and similar units without issue. It will tell you quickly if your defrost element is working or not.

      1. Hello – my problem sounds similar to maxsmama. I have had a recurring problem wih my water line freezing up. First time this happened we turned our freezer down to 2 and then after a few days it worked again. Eventually, this method stopped working. I ordered an insulated water line (fits inside freezer door) and had a repair man install it. This worked for a while, but then same thing happened again. I turned it down to 2 again and this worked for a while, then eventually it stopped working for good. Had a repair man look at it and he said that everything was working and that replacing the insulated line would do no good. He said that I needed to order a new door ($300.00) to fix the problem. I tried using a hair dryer to it and it will not thaw it out. Is there a better insulated line available out there.

  6. Holy crap!! Watching this video was as if someone was describing MY fridge! EXACT same problem. Door ice and water works…then not working …then miraculously starts working again…then done for good. Did exactly what you showed and it works perfectly. There was even some water built up in the rubber housing of the wires…so it obviously corroded it. I was about to order a circuit board when I came across this. Genius!!

  7. y refridgerater still leaks water from bottom. even with the waTER SHUT OFF. THINKING IT IS A DEFROSTING ISSUE. DONT UNDERSTAND. THANKS

    1. One thing to check. When defrosting, the water runs off via a small hole in the back of the freezer. It then passes through a hose to a pan in the back of the unit where it evaporates. If the hole or hose is clogged, the water will run to the bottom of your freezer and possibly out to the floor. Check the back of your freezer to be sure that the hole is not blocked or frozen. You should be able to drain a cup of water down the hole.

      1. Hello I have the same problem of the hole in the bottom of the freezer not draining. I have tried over and over to pour hot water and vinegar down it but it just pools. My freezer is running constantly and I don’t see any way to turn it down. I guess it is too old. About 18 yrs I think. Ge side by side. It makes ice fine, and the water runs. Please what should I do? it is freezing up inside. I have turned off the icemaker and really don’t need the water line. I am scared it will flood when I am out of town.

  8. Using crimp connectors will only be a temporary solution because they will corrode again. The drip pan is directly behind these wires and warm moist air is being blown directly over these wires every time the defrost fan comes on. That warm moist air will condense inside the crimp connectors and start the corrosion process again. It’s just a matter of time. You might want to put a glob of dielectric paste where the wire enters each crimp connector to keep the water vapor out.

    A better fix is to solder the wires and then cover the connections with heat shrink tubing. The heat shrink tubing will seal the connections from the water vapor (unlike the crimp connectors).

  9. Indeed soldering might be beyond the technical skills of some people. That is why I suggested the use of dielectric paste on the crimp connector opening to seal the wires from the water vapor.

    The reason why the original connector fails is because of its location in front of the drip pan. The wiring harness is in direct contact with the cold water line. The wires get cold and when that warm moist air blows (from the evaporator pan), the water vapor condenses on the wires. As long as the wires are sealed no harm is done. The stock connector is not a sealed unit and air (with water vapor) can travel through the connector. It was a poor design from the factory.

    No matter what method you use to make the repair, it is important to make sure that the connection is air and water tight.

  10. My 2003 GE side by side refrigerator has been (knock on wood) relatively trouble free except for having the defrost heater replaced a few months ago.
    The water/ice dispenser has stopped working a couple of times due to someone going from ice to water too quickly. The fix was to shut off power for 30 seconds. This has always worked………until now.
    I shut off the electric and removed everything from the freezer and put everything outside in containers (temperature below freezing).
    I left the door open and used a hair dryer directly behind the dispenser being careful not to overheat the plastic. After about 20 minutes I tested the water… good. In the meantime i stumbled upon a video that suggests using a 8-9 inch piece of weed wacker line to break through the frozen area which is usually about 2.5 inches back from the outlet. The guy in the video was able to push the line right in. I gave the line a try ……no good but it stopped about 2.5 inches in.
    I decided to wait another hour. Sure enough it worked!
    It was suggested to leave the line in the water line so I pushed it backed and forth to make sure the line was clear, filled a few glasses with water, and put the line back in leaving about 1/2 inch sticking out.
    I thought I was done with, however after about 3 hours it froze up again.
    I had to use pliers to pull the weed wacker line out but it cleared the line out.
    I put the line back in but need to pull it out every so often to clear the water line.
    I heard of people gluing styrofoam on the inside of the door directly behind the dispenser. Anyone had luck with that? Any other ideas short of replacing the door are appreciated.

    1. I leave my light bulb in the dispenser lit all the time and water stays working. Once summer has come, no need for the extra heat.

    2. My GE refrigerator after 9 or so years stopped dispensing water. Thought it was the filter so changed it but where it normally takes a slight turn, there was pressure and water would come out as I tried to install it. Looking at all the comments, I tried them all. Locking button was OK and all my panel lights were working. Held the water dispenser for 2 plus minutes. Ice maker has been working and dispensing OK. Checked for water leaks and found none. Checked freezer drainage and found no ice formation. Put in the filter bypass but still no go. Replacing or installing a heater was more than I wanted to do. Looked at the line in front behind the removable panel and looked OK. Still no go. Checked in back after moving refrigerator and lines OK. Turned off/on the water with the saddle valve a few times. Pulled the electric plug out/in. Still no go. Had read about inserting warm water but also saw someone had used weed eater line. Ran about 6 feet of line and did not stop so pulled it out. Surprisingly it worked! Now I had turned the freezer control one level warmer so perhaps that worked or helped also. Thank you internet commenters! Hope this helps someone else.

    3. Yeah, I had put the silver bubble wrap on the inside of the door. but the real perm fix is the heater kit, I can now run the freezer at coldest possible and get ice every 50 minutes and it never freezes.

  11. I am a 53 yr old women, and when something doesn’t work it drives me crazy, I have to fix it. I Thank this web site for helping in fixing my GE side by side refrigerator when my water would not dispense. I followed all of the suggestions and went step by step to figure this problem out, and of course it was the last step. My water was frozen going up the line in the freezer door. Thank-you so very much for having this easy to follow video to solve my problem. My water is now running full speed ahead. Again Thank-You… Save me a lot of money, time, and frustration!!!!!!

  12. Handyguy Paul,

    I was having the same problem as you, my water dispenser and ice dispenser were not working – but the icemaker was fine. I thought it was the control board and replaced that. It worked for a day the started turning on and off continuously. Thanks to your video I was able to figure out that it was due to the corroded connection at the bottom of the fridge (freezer side). I repaired it as you demonstrated and it is now working. Thank you very much!

  13. I have a GE side by side and 3 times now in the past week the water connection has some how shut itself off. What could be the cause of this happening?

  14. I too had this issue with the ice/water dispenser not working. This is after I replaced the main control board (rear of frig) for an shorted component on said board(major burn marks). After a few days the display inside the frig portion would go out or flicker. Found the dispenser to be causing the issue by unplugging the connector at bottom of freezer. Thought this might be the isssue(corrosion like posted above) but it was not. Checked everything again and again, no fix. Was on another forum and someone said they removed the light on the dispenser and the problem was fixed. As skeptical as I was about the fix, I tried it and it worked. I put the light back in and sure enough the problem came back. The light did work when I would press the lever, so I thought that couldn’t be the problem, oops. So now I don’t have a light but have my dispenser back!!! I will look for a replacement bulb next.

    1. I wonder, if replacing the bulb did fix your issues. For me taking the light bulb out let’s me get water again, but the led selection indicators fade a bit and I wonder if the power supplied to the door is currently not enough to allow normal function. When trying to get water with the light bulb in place the entire fridge power resets like unplugging it for a moment.

      1. I had a similar problem where the water/ice dispenser would work intermittently or not at all. Most recently, I found that if I took the lightbulb out in the dispenser area, that the water would dispense. I realized there must not be enough current coming to the panel, and after reading this post, I checked the wiring in the front bottom on the freezer side and sure enough the wires were corroded that lead up to the dispenser panel. I trimmed them back, soldered them together, and everything is working fine now. Thank you for this post.

  15. I have a 2006 GE Side by Side fridge. I also have an RO filter at the kitchen sink. The ice maker on fridge seems to be working fine but I am not getting any water. I don’t necessarily need the water out of the fridge b/c of RO at sink but I would like to fix if I decide to sell the fridge. What steps should I take to find the problem and fix? Thanks for any help you can offer.

    1. I ignored the water in door not working. Several years later when the ice maker stopped working, I learned that the plastic tube bringing water into the fridge had split. Our wood floor was ruined before we realized what the problem was.

        1. Is there a way to remove and replace this cracked water line under the unit? It appears to run up and inside the fridge.
          Thank you,

  16. Hi, I hope you know his one:

    Icemaker is getting water, but when it’s time te push the ice out, it seems lacking strenght. Why is that?

    1. JD – Something is probably frozen. Sometimes you can take a hair dryer to warm stuff up and it will then begin to work. Another technique is to empty everything from the unit, perhaps into an ice chest, and unplug it for a day. After it has sat warm for a while it will start to work again.

    2. JD;

      If you have the GE GSH25SGPASS fridge, it is most likely the heating element on the bottom of the ice tray. After the ice is frozen, when it is getting ready to kick the ice out, there is a heating element on the bottom of the tray that turns on for a number of seconds to warm the tray and make the ice easy to push out. If this heating element is faulty, the ice will be very difficult to push out. The heating element is not separately replaceable, you have to do the whole icemaker. You can see the part number 820 here; If you look at the photo of the bottom of the tray, you can see the “U” shaped heating element. Hope this helps.

  17. side by side stored for two years was working when stored. took it out now the fan and copm. run but it is not cooling. what can i do?

  18. I recently encountered a situation on my GE refrigerator side-by-side not dispensing water, but still making ice cubes. My model number is GSH22JFTCC purchased July 2007. I read several Boards online, and here’s is what I did, and how it was fixed, my case. First, I read the appliance manual, which said to change out the in-fridge water filter. My filter was one year old, so I replaced it. Result: still no water dispensing. Then I popped around on the Internet, and used the following solutions recommended by various people (THANK YOU!!!!). First: I “warmed up” the freezer section by changing the setting from 5 to 4. I also turned on the small light by the water dispensing unit. Forty two hours later (thus, nearly 2 days) – – and voila’ – I now have water dispensing again. My advice: before you call the GE appliance repair people, try out some of the suggestions. In my case, it worked just great.

  19. I have a GE side by side with the water/ice dispenser … my concern is that the “trigger” to dispense is getting progressively more difficulty to activate … I am concerned that at some point it will break. Any ideas?

    1. I am having the same problem. It appears to be sticking.
      I think it needs cleaned or lubricated. Not sure how to do this.

  20. Hello-

    Have a Kenmore side-by-side. Ice-maker works. Water and ice-dispenser work. But the ice-dispenser unit in the door fills with water.

    Any thoughts?


      1. I am having the same troubles with my side by side. (water not dispensing). I have checked all the lines, and connections. I have taken out the shelves to look at the tank but there is no tank, just a circle of tubes, Any ideas on what to do next? ……please! I do love your videos, I am a 62 year old woman and get very pleased with myself when I can fix a problem by following the videos made by people such as yourself! Thank you!

        1. Hmmm, That is a tough one. The first thing I would check is the connection between the tubing and the water pipe. That connection is often made with what is called a saddle valve. Those valves can clog up over time. Try just turning the water on and off a few times at the saddle valve. That could get things going again.

          Here is a picture of a saddle valve
          Saddle Valve

  21. Thanks for your help regarding my GE side by side fridge; same problems as in videos.. My water dispenser was not working due to frozen line in the door. I tried several methods and a lot of time to thaw it. My best and quickest solution was to pull the copper wire out of a plastic wire thus creating a flexible hose/tube about 25cm long which would fit up the opening of the water spout. I used tape to connect the tube to a water squeeze bottle. I filled the bottle with hot water, inserted the flexible tube up the spout and squeezed the bottle. As the ice melted inside the water tube I fed the flexible tube up the spout to keep the hot water as close to the ice as possible. In less than a minute the dispenser was working. I have used this method several times and just keep the water bottle handy for future use. I am disgusted with GE for this poor design and I would never buy another GE fridge.

    1. Brilliant!! The tubing attached to a water bottle (or in our case a turkey baster) filled with hot water worked within 1 minute. Much easier than unloading the entire freezer section and leaving the door open for the day.

      By the way, we used fuel line tubing from a model airplane–worked great!


  22. My water/ice dispenser had very different problems than those described above. When we left the condo for several months, either the water dispenser let loose and water was sent all over the floor or the freezer defrosted and sent water over the floor, resulting in mold. My thinking is the seal between the freezer and dispenser failed or the seal allowing water flow failed, leading to the leak. Does anyone have any experience similar

    1. Are you sure it isn’t simply a crack or break in the plastic tube behind the refrigerator that sends water to the icemaker?

  23. It sounds to me as if you had an extended power failure and the freezer compartment defrosted. With a complete defrost of the freezer and no fan running to evaporate the water, the evaporator pan could have overflowed onto the floor.

    Had there been a leak in the water dispenser (or any other park of the water line) the water leak would have not shut off. You would have had hundreds or thousands of gallons of water flooding the place until it was discovered.

  24. I have a 2009 GE Profile side by side fridge. The icemaker is working fine and the water dispenser, though slow is working. The problem we are having is that the unit starts knocking periodically. I suspect that it is in conjunction with the icemaker cycle somehow. A knocking noise in the middle of the is driving us nuts. Has there been any similar complaints on this fridge and what can I do to correct it? Thanks

  25. I had a frozen water line and heard about defrosting with a hair dryer. I did just that and ended up melting the water line and the paddle dispenser. I even melted some of the plastic on the ice chute. Now nothing works. I called an appliance repair place and they quoted me $700 for a new door. Is there any chance I can fix this myself?

  26. I have a 12 year old side by side ge refrigerator. The ice maker works fine but the flap will not close after dispensing ice. Could you help me?

    1. The Handyguys are not appliance repairmen and we have not researched the flapper issue. My only thoughts are its frozen or has a buildup of minerals. Try warming it with a hairdryer (careful not to melt anything but ice) and try cleaning it really good.

    2. our 2007 GE side side refrigerator is experiencing a ice dispenser problem it appears the black rubber door does not close properly . Ice is often trapped in the door. We are vigilant and release the ice, and manually close the door, however, frost forms in the doorway overnight and this results in crushed ice when we want to receive ice cubes. Also another problem is the inside of the refrigerator where the ice comes out becomes totally frosted up

      1. I had the same problem with the flapper not closing and ice forming. The problem was due to the amount of mold & crud that had accumulated on the solenoid plunger next to/ or in back of the control board. I cleaned all the mold & crud, applied oil to the plunger. Problem solved – flapper closes and no ice has formed on the chute or flapper for over a year.

    3. This is not uncommon on the GE side by sides. on the GSH25SGPASS the flapper door rubber can get disfigured and not close complely which lets cold air pour directly on to the dispenser tube, contributing to the freezing problem. If the flapper is actually hanging open a bit, then it’s likely that the spring that is supposed to hold it close is broken, weak or missing. At any rate, you can replace the spring and flapper for very little and it’s easy and described in this video;

  27. Lind: You need a new flapper: either the plastic has broken that holds the rubber gasket of the flapper or the solenoid that closes the door. I had to do that as I was getting ice build up on my auger.

    However, I need help with a different problem and ask help from the fixit community. I get water now, as the repair people who fixed my “flapper” put in a heater in my door dispenser and I make ice! YAY! However, suddenly, the ice is getting blocked up in the shoot and not coming through the door flapper. When we manually push the ice through the shoot, the flapper closes on its own. Why isn’t the ice coming through the shoot in to my glass all of a sudden? the auger is working and the ice maker is working? Help??

    1. I know this is a really old thread, but IF you had this recently repaired, and after the repair, ice does not come out through the flapper, then it means the flapper door assembly is not installed correctly. I have actually seen this same issue. On the right side, where the flapper arm goes into the solenoid, it’s easy to get the flapper arm on TOP of the solenoid, instead of threaded through the middle like it should be.

  28. Wow, we must have the same refrigerator. I came on here for a solution for the water/electrical problem and I read your comment regarding the shelves ” Shelves too small in freezer causing them to crash to bottom of freezer. ” I curse every time I open the frig and all the drawers are on the bottom. I seriously want to punch the guy in the face who designed this frig. Anyway…was it an easy process to get the new drawers? I figure its been so long now GE would tell me to take a hike and say its past warentee. Any sugggests on what number to call..etc would be so helpful.

    I am going to try to replace the board on the frig to see if that will get my water working again.

    Thank you for your postings.

    1. Just a follow up to my initial comment. I am so excited to report after rewiring the connector, as the video showed, my ice/water dispenser is now working again. It was very obvious when I opened the bottom panel to expose the rusted out connector this was the problem. After cutting out the connector and rewiring, everything works! AMAZING! I could totally relate to this video and the frustrations it has caused.

      THANK YOU so much for taking the time to post this video.

      For reference I have a GE Profile Refrigerator with Model# PSS26MGPA WW

  29. I have side-by-side GE Profile. The water flow reduced recently. Tried to remove the filter. That did not help. I saw some people suggest cleaning saddle valve. I don’t really know where the valve is. I looked around the refrigerator and don’t see one.

    1. The saddle valve, if you have one, is at the end of the water supply line, where it connects to the water pipe of the house. You can try to clean that valve by just turning it on and off a few times.

  30. Hi, i have a kenmore side by side and the water dispenser is not working but i remove the pur filter and it work, i replace the filter with a new one and still not working when the filter is in, only works without the filter.

  31. My G E refrigerator in door water dispenser that you push to get water is broken and needs to be replaced. How do I get it out? That black square thing that surrounds it how do I get it off with out destroying it.


    1. The “black square thing” I imagine you mean the bezel around the unit in the door. I’m guessing you mean this thing;

      If that is what you’re talking about, it simply pops off, there are three clips down the right side and three down the left side. Be careful, or you’ll break the clips. If you cannot get a finger under the bezel, try a plastic spatula, plastic putty knife, auto body trim tools, or believe it or not a guitar pick.

  32. I have water leaking on the floor now, and the water dispenser has been frozen over a year. I was planning to empty the freezer, but think I will try the hair dryer trick first. My question is, I had a handyman check this out and first thought was to replace the filter – but he could not figure out where the filter was or how to access it. Can you post a tutorial on changing the filter? Or direct me to this information? Is it possible that the filter is clogged and blocking the water dispenser? It is a really old refrigerator, I am guessing 15 years, and the filter has never been changed. Thanks!

    1. Yes, it could be the filter, if you have one. The filter could be inline or built in to te frige.

      Finding an inline filter is easy. Pull out the frige. Look for the water supply line. Its likely a thin plastic tube or possibly copper or stainless steel. Follow that line to where it connects to the main plumbing pipe. Somewhere along that line, between the fridge and the main water pipe, could be an inline filter.

      if its built in, I have seen them near the floor, in the front. It would be obvious though. Get the model number then google it plus the words ‘change filter’ or just filter. See what you come up with. It may not have one.

      Oh, and while you are at it. When tracing back the supply line, looking for a filter. You will also find a shutoff valve.

      Try this. turn off that valve. Disconnect the line from behind the frige, have someone hold the line into a bucket. Turn the water back on and see if it even flows. It could be a kink in the water line. if you have a water dispenser that works then dont bother, the supply line is fine.

  33. Thanks for the reply – I will need some help to get the fridge pulled out from a tight compartment so I can find the model number and check the line in the back. From what I can tell, there is no water filter. I’ll have to confirm that with the fridge out, but we looked back there before.

    I have taken out the middle bin, and see the water line, and it goes into a snakelike plastic unit – which has broken off and dropped a bit, I don’t know what that is? It has some water in it, but certainly is not full.

    I’ll try the hair dryer – question: should the heat be on the actual edge of the metal door, or is the frozen line more likely inside the plastic housing that the ice cubes come through?


    1. I just had a handyman here to fix the water leaking problem, where we have a recurring puddle on the floor. So far it seems to not be leaking. But he could not find the water line to the through-door dispenser. He reattached the serpentine tank in the refrigerator back bottom that had broken off but that does not seem to be related. How would I find the model number? I looked all over for it. Thanks for your help.

        1. Finally solved multiple problems with the refrigerator. The handyman/plumber is a good guy, but he did not know anything about refrigerators, and so after he left things got worse. I finally followed the directions on this site, and discovered that I had a big ice block frozen under the bottom bin, and the drainage hole was blocked. Why we never looked for that, I have no idea! When the defrost light was on, water dripped out the front of the door, it had nothing to do with the drip pan. Since we are leaving on vacation, I did not want to leave a leaky puddle, so called a certified technician. He was great! Fixed that, and we have not had water through the door for years now…he found the hose was cut in the back, so dry it broke in two long ago. Now we have no leak, water and ice all working. Thanks for the moral support and good advice.

  34. I have a side by side G.E fridge When u try to despense water with the light bulb in no can do.So took it out and works good for a while and the works some what but not good any ideas why this is happening.

      1. RT,

        This seems similar to the issues I was having with my G.E. Profile refrig until it finally stopped working. Did you watch the video above? How does the wire connector look? Is it rusted or green in color?

  35. I have a new problem that seems to yet be addressed. We’ve had the fridge for a year and the ice an water dispensers have always worked perfectly. This morning, however, I pour ice and then water into a large glass, and the ice was melted before I finished filling the glass… the water dispensing was that hot. We have always had room-temp water dispense until this happened. Has anyone ever seen this happen; any suggestions please!!

    1. Very weird. I would look behind the fridge. Look for some coiled up water supply line and make sure its not near any heat source. Follow that line until you find where it connects to the plumbing. Make sure its not touching a hot water supply line.

  36. We actually found the problem, and it is terribly silly actually. When we followed the lines back, the water supply cord was hooked up to the hot water, and because I was filling a very large pitcher with water, I was actually drawing enough water to pull hot water from the hot water tank. After a little bit of investigating this is what we determined. Thanks for the help anyways. I appreciate it.

      1. As my refrigerator was under an extended warranty, I finally called the guys out! GE guys were terrible but another service company was excellent and traced it out to rusted electrical at the base of the refrigerator. in the meantime…I got a new flapper, new solenoid, new electrical panel, new springs and new anything else it could be! still had a water leak after they fixed the hook-up at the bottom of the waterline at the bottom but a little plumbers tape fixed that…too lazy to call them back a 4th time!

  37. I came home this afternoon after being out of the house for around 4 hours to find the refrigerator door slightly open. The water dispenser is now not working although ice is working fine. The inside back of the refridgerator has collected some moisture which has frozen. Any ideas on how we might fix this without the expense of a GE service call?

    1. It may be an easy fix. Unplug the fridge until everything thaws out. Wipe out excess moisture and then give it a whirl. Worst case is your fridge gets cleaned out, best case you fixed it and it doesn’t cost a dime.

  38. I have a GE side by side profile fridge. I just bought used and its only been plugged in for a couple of hours thus far. At this moment My Dispenser console is not lighting up at all. I was prompted to unplug and plug it back up but when I initially plugged it in it never lit up in the first place. Do you have any Idea what my problem could be?

    1. Did you check the wiring like the video suggested above? If there is rust around the wires that’s probably the problem. Watch the video, check the wires and reply with your findings.

  39. We came home to discover our ge side by side freezer door was left open all day. We closed the door and everything is working fine except our ice maker is no longer making ice. Any suggestions in how to fix this or do I need a new ice maker?


  41. My ice maker dispenses water and crushed ice it dispenses crushed ice even when its set for cubed ice help

  42. My problem is that where the water comes into the ice maker from the back wall, right there where the water comes into fill the mould, it is freezing up. I unclog the frozen part of water, do the turn off push paddle 3 times and the unit cycles and water comes in and ice is made fine. By the next time or two, right there where the water comes into the mould we are frozen tight again and I have to remove that ice in that delivery tube. Why would that suddenly start freezing up right there and how can I fix that? Please and thanks so much.

  43. I had the same problem. Have you checked the auger area to see if there are frozen ice cubes in there? Once I took out my ice cube container, cleaned out the entire container dried it from all the old ice that had somehow frozen together including in the dispensing auger area and started fresh, I have whole ice again.

  44. I have a GE Profile, and I can’t seem to get the light and alarm to stay
    off. I hold the for 3 secs, the alarm will go off and then I have to press again for the light to go off. After 5 minutes it starts all over again.
    Plus my water filter needs changing is on, that I know how to resolve.
    I can’t get behind the fridge, so I turned off the power breaker to my fridge. I left off for about 2 minutes to see if it would reset. Still comes right back on. Any suggestions?

  45. Ok I have a whirlpool side by side and it was purchased in late 2009 we are having a problem with our ice building up on the door where the ice despences and when we try to open the freezer it is almost froze shut and we go to open it and we get ice chunks that fall all over the floor fastest way to make my husband get mad and yell is this is there a solution? Or even a temporary fix tired of the 5am screaming match with an inanimate object

  46. My GE side by side Profile Model PSS2SHR refrigerator ice maker and water not dispensing. The panel at the top in the refrig is out except a blinking “HRS” code. Not worried if the water/ice wont dispense, but worried the refrig and freezer wont turn on to stay cold. This just happened about an hour ago.


  47. THANK YOU!!!! Thanks to your video I was able to fix the same problem within minutes!

    Keep up the great work.

  48. I just replaced the water filter but when I first put it on I forgot to fill it with water before installing it. Now whenever I go to fill a glass of water from the dispenser, the water comes out at full stream at first, then you hear a funny “pahlump” sound and the stream drops down to a trickle. It seems like the longer you leave it alone–the more water comes out before is does this. Is this my fault for forgetting to add the water? I have taken the filter off twice to try a “re-do” to no avail….

  49. I LOVE YOU, Handyguys. I first stumbled upon you when my water dispenser line was sliced when moving the refrigerator. I’m a middle aged woman and was able to fix that by following your video on how to replace the water tank. It was a snap! and only $25. Now the water and ice will not dispense. I was ready to order a new control panel for the dispenser when I read your posts and found that someone was able to get the ice and water to work by removing the light bulb. I did just that and saved the $100 I was ready to spend on a new board. I’ll get a new bulb and see if the three will work together. Again, thanks!

    1. Follow Up: After replacing the lightbulb, the water and ice dispensers will not work. Removed the bulb and they work again. Could the circuit board being slowly dying?

  50. Well, my husband just replaced the main circuit board and now the water dispenser and ice maker are not working. The water stopped working some time ago, but the Ice maker was working before the circuit board blew up, and now it isn’t. This video seems to be very helpful. The instructions are crystal clear. We’ll try to fix it 🙂 Thank you HANDYGUY PAUL!

  51. It is fair to say that the GE side by side fridges are beautiful! I love mine. It hadn’t given us any problems in 8 years, and the problem I talked about earlier has been the first one. A lightning stroke and it blew out the main circuit board which looks just like a motherboard in a desktop computer. I wish I would had find Paul’s videos before so we wouldn’t of had to pay for a service call. My husband ordered the part and installed it himself. The fixing was so easy! Now we need to fix the Ice and Water dispensers. I already saw Paul’s video and it looks like it’s going to be a piece of cake. Time is what we need. Thanks Paul!!

  52. I viewed the podcast and it was very informative. The fridge cools fine just the darn dispensers won’t work with a bulb in, so could the bad circuit board be the one behind the dispenser rather than the main circuit board?

  53. thanks for the info right as rain on fix. ge side by side refrigerator ice and water problem.. you are the best!!

  54. I watched the podcast and agree its very informative, however it didn’t address my issue. I too have a GE side-by side, and my water and ice maker work fine….most of the time. In recent weeks, my water and my ice maker seem to be getting stuck on…when one calls for ice or water. Sometimes it sticks, sometimes it doesn’t. We now have any empty bucket sitting on top of the fridge to catch the overflow as we never know if either ice or water will stop when we release the lever. Any ideas on what the problem is?

    1. Perhaps there is a buildup of ice on the mechanism. A simple fix is to warm it up for a bit. You could unplug the fridge for a day but that is a pain in the butt if you have it full. You could try a hairdryer on low heat and carefully warm up any moving parts and see if that helps.

  55. My problem is the same as a couple above had. The water or ice gets stuck dispensing, and you never know if it is going to stop. Do you think it could be the switch?? My husband did the hair dryer last week because nothing was dispensing, and now most of the time it wont stop.

  56. My GE profile Arctica has all the same problems altho its rather weird. all worked fine until i cleaned the frig. water stopped working. ice is fine. tried GE’s suggestion of removing filter and putting plug in. No water. Removed coupler at bottom and water does not come out so assume frozen is not the issue. Wires look fine. Vegetable drawers etc replaced as always. Any other ideas of why cleaning frig would cause water to stop working?

    1. If you have no water where the line enters the fridge then you have an issue with the connection to the water supply. Try shutting off the water at the saddle valve (if you have one) and then back on again.

  57. I have a GE side by side refridg that the water was always freezing up and I would take the hair dryer for about an hour to thaw out the lines. When thawing it out I felt the plastic right behind the dispenser on the inside of the door was still cold so I took some double face tape and place two pieces of 8″ by 8″ felt on the inside of the door so it would keep the moisture off of the plastic so as not to freeze on the inside where the tube runs through the door. It has been running fine now for about three months

  58. Read all your comments about side by side water line freezing up. Tried hair dryer-no luck. Put the light on and it worked!!! Might have been a combination of both. Thanks everyone…

  59. My GE side by side, when we get water out of the door it rattles and eventually stops dispensing water. It does produce ice cubes but we don’t get much. We have tried to turn the tubing it helps for awhile but goes back to rattling. Can you help me?

  60. I have a similar issue as Sandy above with a GE Profile side by side in that while getting water from the door it starts rattling like hoses banging on the wall behind the unit and water slows to maybe 1/3 flow and then may eventually stop. About half the time it works just fine. We have replaced the filter in the frig compartment but that did not help. It has been doing this for about a year now, but seems to be getting more frequent. The larger the container, the higher risk of it spitting, sputtering and rattling. Any suggestions?

  61. I have had problems with my water line freezing in our 2007 GE side by side for several years. Used the hair dryer method to thaw the water line until this past year when the internal plastic plastic parts started warping. I replaced the damaged parts and installed a water line heater at the cost of $30. It worked AWESOME for about 3 weeks. Thanks GE for making a defective/ inferior product and then getting your customers to “fix” the problem at their own expense. This morning I used a hollow piece of wire insulation taped to the end of turkey baster filled with hot water to thaw the ice blockage in the water line. Just remove copper wire from insulation, connect tube to turkey baster filled with hot water, insert the hollowed tube into the water line until it stops against the ice, and slowly force hot water from baster. It was clear in about 30 seconds. I can’t believe that GE didn’t recall this product and fix it. I guess that they feel like what’s a few thousand customers, their future business, and tarnished reputation?

    1. One of the GE water tube heaters I installed also failed within a few weeks. I just asked for a replacement (free) and the next one lasted over a year so far.

  62. I wrote in about 3 months ago a because of the frozen water line and to let you know it was working great. I had taken a hair dryer to the inside of the freezer door right behind where the water is dispensed. I Dried the inside with a rag and then put some double face tape on the inside of the door behind the the water outlet and then place two pieces of 8″x8″ of felt on it to keep moisture off of the plastic and your water will come out fine. Mine has been working great now for about 6 months. This will save you some money and a bunch of headaches.

  63. Mine freezes all the time. I am told it freezes about 2 inches back from the spicket……Our power went out yesterday for 4 hours and my water is unfrozen. It has been froze up for about 6 months or more……is the water safe to drink after all that time?

    1. Yes, water should be fine to drink. Just run the water long enough to flush out the old standing water and you should be good to go. If you have a filter you may want to change that now too.

  64. I have a Kenmore side by side refrigerator and the freezer wall appears to freeze when it is in the ice- marking mode. Is the control board going bad?


  66. My GE Refrigerator M# TFX25PRT, dispenses only warm water-All the time!!!Never mind that the referig. temp. in the milk section is 38 degrees. Even in the morning when we get up, ( with no one dispensing water over-nite),it’s still warm in the morning.I hate to say but you recon that the water’s path could be going via some heating elements or something of that nature? Is this an unprecedented problem?

    1. Could be. Follow the line from behind the fridge to where it connects to the water supply. It could even be accidentally connected to the HOT! I have seen the supplies connected to hot water pipes, to heating system pipes, seen them wrapped around hot water pipes and even run through heating/cooling ducts. Good luck and let us know what you find.

      1. I will check the source (hot or cold water supply line). In any case, let’s assume that it is connected to the hot water line–From 11pm to 6am, no one uses the water dispenser, that’s a 7-hour duration in which no one dispenses water. Seems to be that the temperature of the water should be at product temperature (38degrees) and that it should at least dispense 2 or 3 glasses of water at 38 degrees.The refrigerator belongs to my sister and her family.Thanks ahead of time for your concern.

        1. Well, after checking the connection. The design of the water dispensing may be compromised. I have seen some designs that just used a large coil of supply line in the fridge behind the bottom drawer. It could be possible someone mistakenly pulled all this reserve line out when hooking it up.

          1. I think that you have hit the nail on its head. I will ask my sister about maintenance history on that fridge.It may have had a leak on the coils reservoir & instead of replacing with new coils, they by- passed them & now the water goes straight from the water inlet in the back straight to the dispenser.Bingo.Next time i go there, I will ask my sister to unload the bottom shelves.(she has tons of stuff) This will give me an opportunity to see for myself.I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your professional assistance

  67. Hi handy guys. Some time ago my husband fixed our side by side GE fridge with no problems thanks to a video of yours. It had been working just fine until today, the water light indicator is flashing, not the filter, but the water, so now no water is coming out nor ice. When we press the light buttons, it does not change to a different indicator. It keeps on blinking on the same ” water indicator”
    What can I do?

  68. Unfortunately that wasn’t the problem. It makes ice fine, so the water is getting in there. It stopped dispensing water and the light is blinking constantly on the front panel. Pressing the water button does not change from to ice dispenser either. Could this be an electronic issue?


  69. My wife loves crushed ice. Me and my boys love cubes. The ice dispenser will not switch back to cubes after my wife gets her crushed ice. Any ideas???

  70. Hi Handyguys,

    I have a Kenmore side by side dispenser refrigerator. The ice dispenser is not working. A few days ago the water dispenser started dripping. I have used temporary means to collect the water

    We never use the dispensers anymore. Can I just turn off the water supply and keep it that way from now?


  71. Thank you so much for posting this video!!! I have been trying for a month to fix my GE monogram fridge. I replaced the main control board and dispenser control panel and it still didnt work. This worked! I had a feeling it had to do with those wires under the freezer area I just didnt know where to start! Now I can finally have my water and ice dispensing again! You saved me $300!!!!

  72. I have a GE Profile side by side. The ice/water dispenser does not work and the display is out. Also, the displays in the fridge are out as well. However, the fridge and freezer are still cooling fine. Could the mother board be failing? I don’t have anything to check the volts. Need a best guess solution.

  73. Sorry if you’ve written about this before!
    I have a GE fridge freezer which is about 7 years old.
    I am no longer able to use the water/ice maker as when the tap on inlet pipe turned on at the wall it pours water through the ice dispenser filling the ice making compartment flooding the freezer and pouring onto the floor.
    Its very odd as the freezer is working fine and the water freezes as it passes through the freezer.
    Any thoughts gratefully appreciated as its a fortune on call out charges before you even get to parts and impossible to get an engineer anyway as out of warranty.
    Any advice gratefully received.

    1. That is definitely an issue! It isn’t one we have dealt with before. Its somewhere in the mechanism that controls the amount of water going to the ice maker. Not sure how to fix it.

      1. Oh I was ever hopeful :0( back to the drawing board then I guess..if I find a solution will let you know thanks anyway

  74. Can’t reset the water filter reminder light. It refuses to change from warning stage even tho a new filter has been installed

  75. have a side-by-side fridge less than 1y/o. the ice maker makes ice but the dispenser on the door does nothing. I tried unplugging but didn’t help. no lights come on and no buttons work. Any ideas?

  76. GE ice maker making an occasional cube but not a full tray so in 24 hours we have only about 6 cubes. We have good water flow after discovering water was shut off and replacing old filter.

  77. Watched your video – the light still works in the door – the opening for the ice to come out is stuck open – cold air is coming out of opening – water/ ice is not working now. The ice was continuing to eject out after glass removal the last time it worked. Now nothing is working except the light.

  78. My water wouldn’t come out for 3 days. Ice came out ok.

    I took the cover off the bottom of refrig. and just pulled the hose 2: and back. I left cover off and WATER CAME OUT:)

    Maybe the cover was pinching it? Or air?

    Thanks and God bless you real good:)

  79. This sounds like my problem I have GE side by side, removing the bulb didn’t work and when I tried fixing it like the video I couldn’t find the wire. Is it only for the GE Profile? Where else can I look for it?

  80. I have a ge side by side model GSL25JGCCLS and have water running into bottom of freezer comp. and freezing.I assume this is a drain problem of some sort.How do I fix this & where is drain located?

  81. I enjoy your site & helpful answers.
    I have a GE ZISS420DRJSS side by side.
    The problem is the black dispenser is starting to have a resistance when dispenser is used. It no longer feels smooth when engaged.
    Does/can it be lubricated?

  82. We have a 15 year old GE two door fridge. We have never replaced the water filter. The ice stopped working a while back, when we had the pressure tank fixed we started getting ice again, but it would not stop when it was full. We turned off the water supply in the basement. We are no longer getting ice, but we are getting puddles in front of the freezer compartment every once in a while. Pulling the machine out would be hard cause there is an island in the way. I do not see ice in the bottom of the freezer. With all these suggestions, what should we do first?
    You guys are great! Thanks 🙂

  83. Hotpoint sidebyside 8 yrs old
    Water stopped, then ice, got new filter again
    Put filter in, still no ice or water and when removing filter it has so much pressure against it that it scared me to pieces!!! never had this before

    What in the heck is happen ing??

    1. Weird – It could be just a frozen water line (frozen after the filter). See if you can follow the line, maybe use a hair dryer to warm it up if you can get access to it. Don’t get things too hot you melt any plastic.

  84. GE Model GSC23LSRBSS side by side. Moisture leaked below black dispenser on the freezer door until repaired by GE. Now stainless steel finished is damaged with spots & streaks running below dispenser. Looks really bad. Any idea what caused damage & is there anyway to correct the problem?

  85. I have a model gd5rvaxvb01 whirlpool side by side fridge. The water dispenser works but the ice dispenser does not. It is making ice and filling up inside the door though as it should. What can I do? Thank you in advance!

  86. hose to ice cube trays pulled it`s self to back of fridge, ice dispenser auger might have done this, can I just pull the hose back out to the trays. how can I keep the hose from moving ?

  87. I have a GE Model GSH25JSRF SS. The water dispenser stopped working out of the blue. Found out I had a frozen line. Defrosted overnight and it thawed, but refroze the next day. Called GE and received the WR49X10173 dispenser water tube heater kit and had trouble installing it due to a heater assembly already in place. I removed the old heater and my husband spliced the new heater in off of the original wires from pins 2 and 6, even though I disagreed. He then cut the old heater assembly off and applied wire nuts to those wires. I s hold have listened to my gut and told him to back off, as the wires barely made their connections to the control board. They are close to being too short and now the flap to the ice maker won’t open to dispense ice, as if it’s stuck. I don’t see an obstruction though…. HELP!

    1. The flapper door is controlled by an electrical solenoid on the right side of the flapper. If there is no power to the solenoid, the flapper door should hang about 1/2 inch open. Electrical power applied TO the solenoid pushes the flapper closed.

      So, if there is no obstruction, then the electrical solenoid must not be releasing. I would unplug the solenoid to see if it releases then.

      I know the problem after you add the heater kit there isn’t much room to get the parts back together with the wire nuts, etc.

  88. I have a problem that I have not found mentioned anywhere. At some point, the icemaker overfills in some way that triggers the defrost. The refrigerator will start running nonstop (in a defrost cycle I believe) the temperature in both the freezer and refrigerator will steadily rise. However, if I turn off the icemaker it will cycle down. Sometimes I can just mess around with the ice itself and it will cycle down. Later, I can turn it back on again and everything is fine.

  89. Help! Last year I fixed the wire under my refrigerator using your advice it was quick and easy and save me a lot of money. Thank you. This year my water wouldn’t work but all the electronics for working and the ice so I tried your method of the hairdryer. Sadly I must’ve left it on too long because the dispenser part melted, got disfigured and is now no longer connected. What should I do? Am I stuck having the service man come out?

  90. I have a gr profile side by side and my ice maker dosent make ice and my water dispenser does not produce water only get a little spit. I changed my water filter and had a repairman come several times with no luck. Unplugged fridge for 3 days no change. Water lines are clear and water valve has been replaced. about every hour ice maker seems to cycle and makes a loud thumping sound for about 30 minutes Looked at water reservoir and it did not appear frozen, it appeared to empty.

  91. How do you remove the button panel from around the water/ice dispenser on a GE Model 25 side by side refrigerator/freezer? I fear prying it off may break the trim piece.

    1. My post above mentions;

      The “black square thing” I imagine you mean the bezel around the unit in the door. I’m guessing you mean this thing;

      If that is what you’re talking about, it simply pops off, there are three clips down the right side and three down the left side. Be careful, or you’ll break the clips. If you cannot get a finger under the bezel, try a plastic spatula, plastic putty knife, auto body trim tools, or believe it or not a guitar pick.

      1. You do not need to remove the trim piece at all. It is purely decorative and is not attached to the control panel or any of the other components. Nor does it get in the way when making repairs to the water and ice control panel. The best thing to do is to leave the trim bezel in place.

  92. I have a GE GSS22JETACC which I already have replaced the water inlet valve last month. Today there was dark drainage from behind water dispenser I cleaned with diluted vinegar solution sprayed. Minutes later water is dispensed nonstop from refrigerator, I switched to ice,the same. I turned off the water valve until I find solution. What can I do?

  93. I got the water to work again on my GE side by side by leaving the freezer open for a half hour. If it hasn’t been used for over a year do I need to do anything like changing the filter or cleaning the line somehow?

  94. After the local City water main ruptured and water was turned off to my house for 12+ hours (then turned back on by the city water dept.) my water DISPENSER gave me one more spurt then went dry! The ice maker is working fine. I have a 14 yr old Whirlpool side by side (in MY possession for last 4 years & worked fine ’till now)

  95. Ive never had fridge with ice maker and i bought one its ge side by side but have no clue how get it work where and what hose needs be hooked up or anything….please help…

  96. Thank you so much for this informative video. My GE refrigerator had the exact same problem that you show in your video. I simply cut the connector out and re-attached the wires permanently. This completely fixed the problem. I appreciate your help!

  97. I also have a GE side by side refrigerator that water and ice dispenser are not working. The ice maker works but does not dispense ice. I have read through several of the fix it solutions. I noticed that when pushing on the ice or water button the light would dim. I removed the bulb and now water will dispense but it comes out in spurts, not a steady flow. Also when pressing either button it starts making a flopping type noise in the back of the freezer. Any suggestions on what to try next.

    1. Have same problem on my GE side by side fridge. Water comes out but it will not dispense the ice cubes. It does make cbes but when you press dispense for cbes or crushed ice the lights seem to dim but it will not rotate the auger. I have removed the ice tray and tried to get cubes still wont work. The water is slower but does dispense into a glass. What do I do to repair the cube and crushed ice dispensor problem Thanks

  98. Just wanted to share my opinion on GE refrigerators. I was an appliance repair man for about 8 years plus. I have literally never seen a “good” GE refrigerator! The biggest issue has always been a defrosting issue from bad design. That is just for starters, it was always something with GE refrigerators. I vowed to NEVER own a GE product and have not until recently when I purchased a new home which had GE appliances in it. Guess what……. Problems immediately with the refrigerator. The ice dispenser stays clogged up and nonfunctional, most likely a warped dispenser door but how knows. RUN FROM GE PRODUCTS!!!! If they haven’t been able to get it right over the last 15 years it seems that aren’t going to get it right, its the same ole same ole with them! Just my two cents!

  99. I just fixed our freezer. It had a non-functional water dispenser. I was dreading emptying the freezer due to a bad back. Then I thought to try my heating pad (which I use for my back) to warm the exterior or bottom half of the freezer door. After about an hour and a half, free flowing water! A repairman told us that we would have to defrost the unit, HA! I feel like wonder woman right now! 🙂

    1. The repair will only continue to work until the freezer goes into the next automatic defrost cycle. The water dispenser line will then freeze up again. If you read back farther in this thread you’ll find that the part needed for the repair is a small heating element that needs to be installed near the water line dispenser. It’s the GE WR49X10173 Dispenser Water Tube Heater for Refrigerator.

      GE used to give these away for free if you called their customer service line and told them about your frozen water line. Since Electrolux bought GE appliances, I don’t know if this policy is still in effect.

      Check out the comments on Amazon for details about the free part deal:

  100. Thanks to those who posted suggestions on fixing these problems. Sharing my experience in case it helps someone else.

    My GE refrigerator (model PSC25MSWC SS) has been one problem after another since I bought it (5 repairs in 7 years).

    The latest was that when I’d get water from the door dispenser, it made this horrible sound (coming from the back of the refrigerator), which I described as a jackhammer-like sound, and if any water came out at all, it was as if I were very quickly pushing and releasing the dispenerser button. Basically, it would spit some water at me for about 10 seconds, then stop completely (but the noise continued).

    In addition to a couple of suggested parts to replace, someone had suggested that my house water was delivering too much pressure to the refrigerator and the valve couldn’t handle it. The odd part is that it only started doing this a few months ago… 7 years after I bought the house (and fridge).

    Turns out that pressure was indeed the problem. To test it out, rather than go to the hassle (and potential hardware floor damage) of pulling out the fridge to partially cut off the water at the valve behind it, I simply went to the main water valve for the house (it should be near your water heater) and cut the water off there. To do it this way, cut it off completely, then open up a faucet. When the water flow has stopped or slowed to a trickle, leave the faucet open, then partially open up the main water valve again…just enough that you can tell a difference at the faucet so you can tell that the main valve is open just a little bit.

    I did this, then closed the faucet I had opened and tried my water dispenser numerous times. Worked like a champ, so now I knew it would be worth pulling out the refrigerator to do a similar adjustment at the supply valve for the icemaker/water dispenser.

    I then opened the main water valve fully, pulled out the fridge (putting very thin pieces of wood under where the rollers would roll…this was a bit tricky), but manageable) and did the same restriction on the valve behind the refrigerator.

    It took 3 or 4 minor adjustments before I got the valve set to a pressure that wouldn’t jackhammer, but also didn’t cause a noticeable slowness in the water coming out of the dispenser.

    Glad I got it fixed at no cost (this time), thanks to other people’s postings. I’ll never buy another GE appliance, though…in addition to the 5 repairs on the fridge, my GE dryer, washer, dishwasher, and even *cooktop* have all also needed repairs. So much for “high end” GE Profile appliances!

    By contrast, the mid-grade Whirlpool and Kenmore appliances I had at my old townhouse lasted 12 years with only a single repair ($22 valve on the washing machine) a month before I sold the house. THAT is quality.

    1. Your repair has not fixed the problem. Your water pressure is too high in your entire plumbing system. As time goes by, your other plumbing appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, faucets, etc.) will also be damaged by the high pressure.

      You need to install a pressure reduction valve on your main water line to reduce the water pressure to no more than 60 psi.

      1. Also let me add that you might check with the water company to determine if they have a PRV (pressure reduction valve) on the supply line that might have failed. In addition, when you install a PRV you’ll also need to install an expansion tank near your water heater.

  101. i have a kenmore elite trio. Ice & water dispenser on outside of left door. The ice shoot has grey mildew and the water valve also has mildew. I only use the dispenser exclusively for ice & water on a regular basis. I have never touched either of these areas w hands or glass. Questions: how do I clean this area properly? How do I prevent this from happening again?
    Thank you in advance for your response.

    1. I would think just a regular kitchen/bath cleaner that has bleach in it would be fine for cleaning that area and killing mold. Just a wipe down during regular cleaning should keep it from coming back.

  102. Hi, my water was not dispensing from my fridge for a few weeks unit I decided to do something about it. I changed the filter and it didn’t work for a couple ( not sure why) and then all of a sudden it worked??? So now water comes out with some mild! What do I do here? Help! Thank you!

  103. My 2005 GE side by side had a bad evaporator motor. After replacing the motor and turning it on the motor works fine but when I press any of the door controls the lights dim the motor shuts down. It resets and begins to run after I stop pressing the dispenser switch? It also smells like something is burning when pressing the dispenser button.

  104. Hi,

    Yes, its mold. We are all kinda of grossed out by this and no one will drink the water. I don’t think the flush will get it all out. Is it an easy task to replace this part with a new one? Thanks again!! 🙂

  105. Excellent! Although I fix a lot of things, I would never have thought that the problem with my GE side by side was a bad connector, as the performance of the control panel was erratic, and it seemed to be more like a control-board problem. But, following your advice, I performed a connector-dectomy and the problem was solved. Without your advice, I probably would have bought a new control panel, and the panel still would not have worked. My only suggestion is that maybe using crimp connectors, sealed with a wrap of electrical tape, would be better than using wire-nuts in the moist environment. Thank you.

  106. GE Model GSHL5MGXBELS Refirgerator (approx 5 yrs old)

    When we try to dispense water/ice, nothing happens except the LED screen displays the refrigerator actual temp 38 and the set temp. It lets me toggle from water, crushed ice and cubed ice (with nothing dispensing)-but when I try to turn the light on, it goes to the same temp adjust control numbers on the LED and the light won’t go on. Seems like a control panel issue, right?

  107. I have a water problem. If i push the water Despenser it despenses but won’t stop till it wants to. The ice works fine and the light works find. Every now and then my ice maker will stop making ice and then just out of no where it starts making ice again. What do you think I need to have fixed?

  108. Hello! This video was very helpful and my GE fridge won’t dispense water or ice either. It makes ice with no problem, just won’t dispense. My question: my control panel is displaying the wrong temp readouts. The fridge and freezer are cooling just fine but my digital readout shows 72/89. What could this be?? Please help!

  109. My problem with our GE side by side (came with purchased house) is that while the ice maker works fine, the water dispenser has no water coming out. The fridge leaks water from the bottom of the fridge only when you press dispenser.
    where should I be looking to fix this?

  110. My icemaker doesn’t make ice. There is water to the door but none to the icemaker. Bought a new icemaker, still doesn’t work. No kinks in the waterline. What could be the problem? Serial number is SF204697

  111. Hi! My side by side Hotpoint water dispenser quit working one night, then we noticed the water filter in the refrigerator (not freezer) was frozen, then it flooded out while we were at work and everything inside was hotter than room temperature. After cutting off the water supply, the refrigerator and freezer both began cooling again! Why did this happen?

  112. After I defrosted the freezer, the ice dispenser will only dispense crushed ice, not cubes, when I press the cube button, and makes a lot of noise doing it. (It also dispenses water OK). However, I can feel ice cubes in the dispenser. I have a 12 year old GE Monogram side-by-side refr., model# ZISW 360 DMB.

    1. I got advice from a repair man and was able to fix my problem. Ice had formed behind the solenoid, preventing it from moving up and down. Once the ice was removed, the solenoid moved easily and the problem was resolved.

  113. We had the same problem, but we realized our real issue was the flapper on the dispenser was not closing properly. The air was making the ice dispenser have buildup which ultimately made a lot of noise and crushed ice. So, you need to check the flapper to see if it is closing after dispensing. The flapper may need adjusting or your solinoid went bad.

  114. We went to change our water filter, which we’ve done before with no problems, and immediately the water dispenser stopped working. The ice isn’t getting water either, although the ice dispenser tries to run, it just won’t make ice. We tried putting the old filter back in, but it doesn’t work now either. I’ve checked that the water supply line is getting water and it is, but it runs up to the filter and doesn’t seem to go any further. Our water lines go from the water supply, up to the filter, then back out again and over to the ice machine. They are all -up to that point, outside the fridge on the back, so they can’t be frozen. Could we have broken something within the filter itself?

  115. I have a GE Monogram built in bottom freezer refrigerator that we recently had to re calibrate the temp since my son left the freezer slightly open. During this process, we took of the freezer door not knowing if something had broken and now the freezer door when you open does not always trigger the freezer light to come on. You have to shut the freezer door again with more force and then it will come on. Any thoughts? Did we not put the door on tight enough? What is the trigger for the freezer light to come on?
    Thank you

  116. problem with GE side by side refrigerator, water leaking from behind panel on door, where dispenser is, you can press the panel and water will flow out to the floor. Have turned water off and removed filter and replaced with plug, ice that was made will come out but not able to get water. Can’t find drain hole to see if clogged. This is a replacement due to faulty doors on new one purchased in 2001, replaced in 2007. Any suggestions

  117. My ge profile side by side makes ice well and the water is working. It takes FOREVER for the ice to come out although it seems to be trying . Any ideas?

  118. My issue is that my GE Profile Performance won’t switch between cubes and crushed ice. I replaced the solenoid, but I don’t think it’s getting any voltage. Where do I go next? Thanks!

    1. I had the same problem. After searching the internet for answers there was an easy solution. On my GE eternal, if you pull out the ice storage bin I found a rectangular hole that had a white narrow bar that you pull down with force. Then reinsert the ice bin. Mine worked perfectly after doing this. Your model may look a little different.

  119. Is it possible to just turn off the water dispenser and keep ice maker functioning? Mold is growing like crazy in there since my control board crapped out and I refuse to spend $800 to replace that board.

  120. Ohhhhhhh bummer…. My control panel on my GE cafe fridge isn’t working. No water, no ice, no nothing, but the fridge still works fine as far as cooling the food and the interior lights work. I just saw Stacey’s comment about the control panel. I’m hoping it’s not an $800 fix. any idea, maybe a hidden fuse somewhere? I downloaded the manual for this model but couldn’t find anything that addressed the entire control panel going down. Any help would be appreciated,
    Thanks, Greg.

  121. Here is a new one. My GE Artica PSS25NGMDWW started to exhibit the following behavior after 13 years of trouble free operation. The water dispensing and ice dispensing seem to work HOWEVER after you pull your glass away from the dispenser, water (or ice if you’re getting ice) continues to run for 3-10 seconds. Ice maker makes ice fine. Help. Thanks


  122. Hi Matt,
    You have either a sticking dispenser switch (located behind the dispenser, and isn’t clicky clicky anymore to use the technical term) or you have a bad water valve at the rear of the fridge that is no longer snapping shut after the glass is removed. I’d start by checking the dispenser switch that it still has good return spring operation. (I.e. Still moves freely and clicks when activated). You can test this without disassembly by unplugging the fridge, activate the dispenser arm very slowly and gently. You should hear & feel a small click when the dispenser is fully depressed and another when you remove the glass. If no click in both directions, the switch needs replacement.

  123. Lately our water dispenser has been making a jackhammer type noise intermittently. When it does this, no water will dispense. The ice seems to work fine, but we rarely use it. I’ve noticed that if I run the water at the kitchen sink for a few seconds, the fridge water dispenser will start working again. It’s getting worse, as it’s been happening more and more. It was happening maybe once a day, but increasing. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Sounds as if the air risers in your plumbing system are filled with water. Turn off the main water valve to your house and then open all the spigots and flush the toilets in order to let air enter the risers.

      In my house, I close off the main water valve at least once and year and drain the plumbing system to replenish the air in the risers. Without air in the riser pipes, the plumbing system will jackhammer. The air acts as a shock absorber.

      1. an “Air Riser” is not very common where I live. It took me a minute to even understand what you are referring to! Essentially its a column of air in a pipe that compresses and expands with changes in the water. Funny thing water isn’t compressible but air is.

        1. If air chambers are not common where you live then it would behoove you to install them in your plumbing system. They are called “risers” because the chambers are normally at the highest point(s) in the plumbing system so that gravity can help keep the air chambers full of air rather than water. When the plumbing system is drained and refilled with water, the risers trap air while the rest of the system fills with water. Of course, over time and with normal water pressure, water in the plumbing system will absorb the trapped air. That’s why the plumbing system needs to be drained periodically so that the air chambers can be replenished with air.

  124. My ice maker quit working on my 4 year old Kenmore side by side about 6 months ago. Two different repair people were unable to get it to work despite replacing the main board and the bin full sensors. Now the water dispenser will only fill 4 ounces at a time and then stop. If I take my finger off the button or stop pressing against the back plate it keeps running another four ounces. Also the door open indicator stay lite for about 25 seconds after the door is closed during which time I can’t request water. Seems possessed. Any thoughts?

  125. Right, because guns are funny and should be played with and kids should get this idea from adults so they can see how not serious guns are. Come on man!

  126. I have a GE Profile Arctica side by side-model#PSS5SGMA. The ice maker/water work fine except it is freezing up on the bottom of the icemaker and on top of the shoot where the ice goes in to be crushed. What causes this and how do I fix it? I have to dump the ice and thaw out the the ice container and then it starts all over again??

  127. I have the same issue but it is mostly in the summer. I think it has to do with condensation with the heater element on the water dispensers. Haven’t figured anyway around this except I make sure the flapper always us closed. When the flapper broke prior the ice buildup was even worse.

  128. My GE side-by-side fridge is not dispensing water. I tried the hair dryer trick, but accidentally melted the plastic tubing, so now I have bigger problems than before. How hard is that part to install and what do I call it when I call GE to order it? I guess I will also order the heater thing when I call to see if it will help with the water problem.

  129. Martha; I know it’s too late for your issue, but in case others are reading this, I also have used the IceSurrender tool which allows you to “inject” hot water up the line with a syringe like tool. It works well, I was sent one for testing (full disclosure) and I have used it successfully on freezers prior to installing the heating kit.

    I’m a fan of installing the heating kit, I have mentioned it on here and elsewhere but for a quick fix this Ice Surrender tool is quick, simple and easy and won’t damage anything. The designer demonstrates it here;

  130. I have a GE model GSH251SXL SS where the ice dispenser works fine but the water dispenser does not always shut off when you remove the glass. This is intermittent but getting worse. From what I am reading it sounds like a “water valve”. I had to repair the water feed line which was damaged during remodeling and do not recall seeing any type of valve on the back of the unit, it appeared to me that the supply line went directly into the frame and into the filter. Is this actually a water valve issue and where would this be located on my model?

    1. I guess I should have added the point that the problem is not just a simple issue with an ounce or two running out after releasing the paddle, it can be up to 64 ounces of water running after release.

      1. Hi John,
        Two things are most likely in this instance.
        Most likely, you have a failed dispenser switch (I.e. The switch behind the dispenser area has lost its ‘clicky-clicky’) or the mechanics in the dispenser assembly are hanging /binding up during operation.
        I’d start here. I think you’ll find that the dispenser switch has gone bad.

        Second most likely is a failing water inlet valve that is designed to only open when energized. However, when they fail they can stick in the open position and not spring shut as they should. I have not seen this as often.

        Let me know if you have my questions.


        1. Andy, thanks for getting back to me. Just to add to my original posts, the “clicky-clicky” you mention sounds fine. The paddle clicks whenever you push the lever and then clicks immediately upon release. However, when you push to dispense water you hear a click coming from the back of the fridge (and always have) with water immediately flowing. When, and that is a big when, the water does stop flowing you hear the click at the back of the fridge. On the few occasions when the water does shut off immediately, you can actually hear the “clicky-clicky” as well as the click at the back of the fridge. I am assuming from what I have read on your site that the device on the back of the fridge is the water dispensing valve.

        2. Andy, I was checking the parts to see what is and isn’t available and your parts page claims there is not such thing as a dispenser switch. It has a link for a control board but when you click on the link it states that there is no part available. The only available parts related to the dispenser assembly is the actuator and door switch to allow ice to drop.

          1. Hi John,
            The switch I am referring to is the dispenser switch (part number: WR23X10783) which seems pricy at $46. I typically substitute 3405-001117 in its place running about $4 instead!
            However, in your case – you have a single switch that controls both the ice & water via a single paddle. You choose which you’d like by selecting the button on the control touch panel. If the ice dispenser is dispensing the ice, that switch is good.

            The most likely cause of your water not dispensing is the water inlet valve (WR57X10032).
            You can test this theory. During a time when the water is not working you will need to remove the 2 screws securing the water valve to the back of the fridge, gently pull the water valve out slightly leaving all hoses on connected.
            Having a glass to catch water handy, remove the dispenser water line from the water inlet valve. With the solenoid pointed in to the cup, have a friend press the dispenser switch on the front of the fridge as if they were going to fill a glass of water. This sends power to the water inlet valve and water should shoot in to your cup. If not, it’s a bad water valve. If water fills the cup, the problem is elsewhere. It would then indicate you have ice blocking the water line.

            Let me know if any of that doesn’t make sense. I’m happy to help.

          2. Andy, My problem is not with water not dispensing it is with the flow of water not always stopping. We have more than a quart of water flowing after releasing the paddle.

    2. Put your model number into the parts search on this site then look for the “Water Inlet Valve”. Our partner Repair clinic has them along with an instructional video. It could also be the switch behind the dispenser.

  131. John, gotcha! Thanks
    If you have not experienced the same issues with the ice not stopping when the paddle is released it is for sure the water inlet solenoid.

    Replace the water inlet solenoid and your problem will be solved.

  132. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to
    your site? My blog site is in the very same niche
    as yours and my users would truly benefit from a lot
    of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this ok with you.

  133. Hi, I have a dilemma I hope you have some in site too. My 5/16 tube in my freezer door cracked inside the bottom of my door. It was to far in to fix. How can I replace this tube. I have a model gss25lgtdww. I was told to try and run a smaller tube try existing one. Tried and this kinda worked but couldnt get the coupler to stop leaking. HELP

  134. I have a GE adore side by side refrigerator and my first comment to anyone is DO NOT BUY THE ADORA LINE. I find it inferior. We had to get our money back for the GE ADORA dishwasher when the service company could not repair a leak.

    When I read about the falling shelves, add me to the list. When I first got my fridge I packed the shelves in the freezer and low and behold they all fell down. It took some phone calls but they finally send me shelves for a GE PROFILE> What idiots to make shelves that are too small. Also everything falls off of them since there is no lip at the edge when you stack food in the freezer.

    The temperature is hard to keep especially during the summer when you need to open and close the doors. Now my water filter is acting up even though we replaced it not too long ago. When we went to put a new one in,
    the inside of the fridge opening started leaking. What a mess. It did stop when we put in a new filter and we hope that’s that, but time will tell.

    I so sympathize with any problems with this appliance.

  135. Purchased a new GE Refrigerator with Water and Ice cube dispenser . Two weeks old. Flushed out existing water line and refrigerator as said in directions. I get ice cubes with green stuff in them. Let a ice cube melt to see what the green stuff is and it is soft. Used the existing copper water line and also replaced the water filter. Never had this with my other refrigerator. Is this mold in the refrigerator? When flushing the first time I had Bluegreen color stuff in water when testing it in a glass the first time. Looked like plastic. Flushed out gallons of water and still get traces on green imbedded in the ice cubes. Has anyone had the problem?

  136. Water dispensor works but ice cubes or crushed ice does not. Its on a GE side by side 2 door fridge about 10 years old.When I try to push for cubes lights seem to dim but it will not auger at all even when I take ice tray out and I have tried turning it by hand it will turn but not with the switch . Help thanks,

  137. trying to unplug the freezer door electrical plug at bottom of door so I can remove the door, need to move to another room.
    GE just like the one in the video where you cut the plug out and straight wired it. I just want to unplug it.

  138. Great Video! I was wondering if I could get your expert advice as well. We have a side by side two door almost identical to the one in the video (model number is PSS26SGPASS), and I’m thinking our problem is electrical—possibly broken switches/other components on the dispenser PCB or faulty wiring somewhere.

    Here’s the scoop: the water won’t dispense (the LED won’t even light up). However, the board is getting power and the ice dispenser switches and LEDs work on both settings (the water line is full when I disconnected the hose at the base behind the kickplate). The “reset filter” button switch and LED appears to work. All other LEDs and switches appear to not work. The dispenser light bulb is also burnt out. When I disassembled and extracted the PCB, I clicked all the switches and pushed the dispenser. None of the other LEDs light up. Cycling the power doesn’t help either. Also, when I reassembled the board, crushed ice no longer works (probably bent the board too much on accident?). Do you think it could possible be faulty wiring/faulty traces in the PCB? I have only been able to find a wiring schematic for the main board—no luck so far for the dispenser. I’d rather test for continuity and find a faulty component than drop $80 on a new board if possible.

  139. Thank you so much. We had a loose wire too. Just cleaned it and reinforced it with more electrical tape and it now dispenses! It was driving me crazy. Thank you.

  140. Thank you! I pulled off the kick plate, grabbed the wire, hit the water and it worked. I had a loose connection. Probably save me over a $100!

  141. You’re not done yet Ken. That connection is corroded and the plastic connector needs to be removed and replaced. Otherwise it will again cause a failure in the future. It’s also a good idea to use some dielectric grease on the connection to prevent future problems.

  142. I have a GE side by side and the water and ice dispensers both stopped at the same time. The light still works and ice is still being made and I can tell that it is not ‘trying’ to access water (I’m used to that sound from the many times it freezes). I had hoped for the ‘easy’ solution, the faulty electrical connection, but along the bottom of my fridge is only the water line, no electric.
    Can anyone pinpoint if this is the control board or dispenser switch? Are there multiple dispenser switches? Thanks very much in advance.

  143. I have a Kenmore side by side that we got for free. We have worked on this thing till we are ready to toss it! We are having the same problem with this one as we did with the other one. Several years ago, we came home to a flooded kitchen. The ice maker was overflowing and water was everywhere. We turned the water off to the frig and didn’t attempt to try to fix it. We were offered a bigger, nicer refrigerator recently, so we took it, not knowing we would have the same problem. First there was no water, we changed the filter, and we got water from both the water and ice dispensers, with the ice dispenser just totally flowing water, but only when ice or water is called for. Also, there is ice in the tray, but not ejected! Help! I miss having ice! It’s been years!

      1. Oh trust me, we do, but,we really go through ice cubes in the summer, we are big on ice tea by the gallons, and gotta have it with ice. Those trays just don’t keep up!

        1. Some general advice – Go to our home page. Look for the search for appliance parts. Enter the model of your fridge. Search for parts for your fridge. Look for parts that match your current symptoms and have at it.

          I would also look at your house water pressure. It could be too high. See this video

  144. Need help! I have Mod. GSS25sGRFSS about 15 years. Water and ice dispenser and night light stopped working. Still makes ice, auger motor also stopped working. Just before ice stopped, it delivered crushed, with ice button on. When push lever with ice on, I here click-click from rear when press lever, and small click when release. Lever was a little harder to push for several weeks before it stopped. This is a Single lever with button choice.
    I did remove button board and PWB to inspect but did not see any broken components. This has been a good unit except for occasional freezing of water line when freezer crowded. I plan to replace the solenoid. Other suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.

  145. Hi, my GE side by side Refg. is about 13 yrs old. I am trying to figure out how to replace the plastic moveable part on the front door of my refg. I went to get ice and the part that moves just broke. Can you help. What is the part called , where to get a new one, and how to take apart the front
    of the freezer door to replace the part.??????

    1. There is a parts search box on our site. Put in the model number of your fridge. it will take you to a page where you can see all parts available. Just scroll through and find your damaged part and order a replacement. I cant say exactly how to install it but usually its somewhat obvious when looking at the new part.

  146. I have been using a hair dryer to thaw out my water line with good success. Recently I put the hair dryer in the space where the actual dispenser is located and left it in there wedged for about 10 minutes. I think it got too hot and must have damaged something because now the ice doesnt come out and the actual dispenser where you place your glass was kind of jammed. I pulled it out and it looks crooked. Now I dont hear anything when I press a glass against it. Do you know what parts could have been damaged? All the lights come on, such as crushed, cubed, water. And I tried pressing the lock button to reset. Nothing happens. I really messed up!

  147. Hi, I have a GE Profile side by side, 9 yrs old. The problem is a noisy ice maker. There is a loud clicking noise, maybe 4 to 6 clicks and then a few minutes later Crash! the ice falls into the bin. When the unit was newer the ice maker never clicked. The clicking has started a year or so ago. Other than the ice maker noise the unit works fine. What is making the loud clicking noise in the ice maker?? Any ideas.

    Thanks, Bob B.

  148. Our side-by-side GE Profile Arctica refrigerator forms ice inside the door above the opening for water dispenser. How can we avoid this ice formation?

  149. I did change gasket but still forms ice; however at a much slower rate.. Also, I see moist air blowing from the bottom of ice tray. How can I solve this problem?

  150. Very reduced water flow from GE side by side refrigerator water dispenser. New or old filter -no difference.

  151. I can’t get to the video about my ice machine not working. It sounds like what everyone is describing here. Can you reply here with it?

  152. H20 keeps running out of the ice maker after the tray is full for several seconds. What is the problem?

    1. Could be time to replace the ice maker. I would try the “just let everything come to room temp” trick first. I know its a pain but that can often fix things.

  153. We have the GE Profile Arctica, Model PS123MGNA BB.
    PROBLEM: Motor in FREEZER makes load noise, sometimes very load. Varies from mild to fluctuating loud noise from the back upper section. Water and ice maker works. Initial remedy was to empty all the ice if it was full. Didn’t work. I would post a video to hear the noise if it was possible on this site. Need help. Thanks

  154. I have an old GE profile pshf6tgxbdbb, I thought I fixed my problems about 7 years ago when the auger on the ice dispenser bucket drilled a hole through the front, replaced ice bucket, replaced auger, and some missing washers. Now the back plastic part 355 (rear plug on auger that helps keep ice in bucket) kind of being smashed apart. the ice dispenser really isn’t wanting to drop any thing, but the ice bucket is very full. and the refrigerator shakes as the auger turns. The only thing I can even find about this is the cloudy cubes is too little ice is used so need the GE replacement part WR49X10103 which is curve instead of flat. And I already have a replacement bucket but I dont think that will fix it.

  155. My GE refrigerator is a side by side, circa 2007, and water collects in the bottom of the water/ice dispenser tray. It literally overflows and runs down the front of the door. It has to be either condensation or a drain issue. I know this because I no longer have water connected to the ice maker or water dispenser since I moved it to my garage. Is there a drain tube inside the door that might be clogged? If there is I can’t locate it. It has been doing this since I first purchased this house in 2012.

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