Fall Lawn Care Tips

The Handyguys address the soon-to-come fall lawn care season.

Before The Handyguys talk about fall lawn care they address a listener question.

TerBeek sent us the following message –

Drill BitHow can I remove a broken drill bit from the window moulding without damaging the moulding? We were drilling a pilot hole for hardware to hang a custom sized window blind when the bit broke.  The moulding area isn’t large, limiting the area in which we can install the window treatment hardware. (i.e., we need that bit out, because the hardware can’t be moved up, down, forward or back from the initial pilot hole position.) The bit was very thin, and about half of it remains in the window frame/moulding. It broke off flush with the surface, so we can’t grab it with a pliers.  Help! We’re getting sick of the temporary blinds but don’t know what to do to reclaim our pilot hole.

The Handyguys Brian & Paul have some ideas. Listen to the show for their possible solutions.

Now on to Fall lawn care.

Leaves on grassWe know that this is not a popular thing to say this time of year, but the fall season is just around the corner!  And with Fall, comes the most important time in lawn care.  It is the time when you need to feed, de-weed, and pamper your lawn to make it strong and healthy for the winter season.  For cool season lawns, this is the time for the handguy to get to work your yard.

More leaves on grassWhat do the Handyguys recommend?  Good fertilizer, a good core aerator, a rake and some new grass seed will be your main tools.  In addition to fertilizing and aerating your lawn, you will want to remove all the leaves and possibly over seed some of the weaker areas of your lawn.  But before you start, get those kids off the grass and listen to our podcast!

Lastly – We have a winner!

EcoGlue GiveawayDuring our show on Glue we announced a contest sponsored by Eclectic Products. We have concluded the contest and drawn a winner. Congratulations to Condoblues… We will contact you directly and send you your prize.

11 thoughts on “Fall Lawn Care Tips

  1. A lot of people get complacent about their lawn this time of year. But the work we do in the fall will be rewarded by a much healthier lawn in the coming spring.

    Don’t forget, fall is also the time to start thinking about cleaning and preparing your lawncare equipment for several months of storage. Make sure your mower and weed eater are running in top condition in the spring by taking good care of them this fall.

  2. Thank you, Fall is a time that our grass requires a bit more care to prepare it for the coming months but many people do not realize that through the harsh winter their lawn continues to grow a stronger root system.

  3. Hey there! I’ve been reading your site for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the good job!

  4. Definitely the right recommendations for services that should be done in the fall. How you finish the season is how you start it the following year so it’s best to give your lawn what it needs to fight through the winter.

  5. Great lawn care tips. In Australia, we have high heat to deal with especially in our summer months and it can quickly burn the grass. Very hard to keep it healthy in the brutal months.

  6. I live on the coast in California. Temperate weather – not too hot but lots of overcast days.
    I had a new lawn put in and suddenly it’s full of clover. I have a little dog so I need to be careful with clover killers. Any safe ideas?
    Also, 4 months ago the Gardner used a stainless mesh under my new lawn to fend off gophers. I know I need to airiate … but I don’t think I can. Any suggestions on how to proceed in trying to save my lawn?

    1. Clover used to be a goal for lawns. Maybe just let it be natural and spend time doing something other than lawn work? I’m not aware of any non-chemical remedies beyond mechanical removal.

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