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How To Repair A Porch Post And Choosing A Jigsaw

The Handyguys, Brian and Paul, first take a question from our call-in line regarding repair of rotted porch posts. We then move into a head-to-head tool challenge to test out jigsaws and then wrap up with a new segment Buy, Borrow or Rent. We also discuss tool borrowing etiquette.

Listener Questions

First off, the Handyguys answer a good question from one of our listeners regarding the repair of some porch posts. Our caller listened to our episode regarding using Bondo to repair rotted wood. His posts were too far gone for repair so The Handyguys recommend replacing the posts. Listen to the podcast to hear the question and Brian and Paul’s response. Brian and Paul provide some good information to help you evaluate how to go about such a repair.

Head-to-Head Tool Challenge

Bosch 1590EVSK 6.4 Amp Top Handle JigsawSkill jigsawThe Handyguys then move to the garage to test out two jigsaws.  Their tests pit a cheap jigsaw against a finely tuned cutting machine. The Handyguys devised three different tests: cutting a curved line in 1/2″ plywood, cutting 4″ circle in 5/4 cedar and cutting a piece of 2x pressure treated southern yellow pine. The cut in the pressure treated lumber might be similar to creating an interesting detail on the end of a rafter for a pergola.

Bosch 1590EVSK 6.4 Amp Top Handle Jigsaw

The tests were done with similar toothed blades in the same condition. The Bosch jigsaw handled all cuts without breaking a sweat. The Skill jigsaw could not even finish the cut in the pressure treated 2x material. The finished cut of the pressure treated material, using the Bosch, was square to the face of the board; a key indicator of a quality jigsaw. The Skill was almost uncontrollable in the thinner softer material and did not create a clean cut.

Buy, borrow, rent or steal

Husqvarna 372XP Chainsaw

The Handyguys discuss the merits of renting versus borrowing versus buying tools. Being tool junkies, the Handyguys usually prefer to own their own tools but renting or borrowing makes sense if it is a one-time-use tool. What about borrowing? The Handyguys will lend certain tools to people and are not afraid to borrow tools either.

Listen to their take on borrowing etiquette. Oh, and you can’t borrow Brian’s chainsaw but he will be glad to give advice on some cutting tasks.

Remember, its not too late to enter the drawing for our EcoGlue and tool bag giveaway. The winner will be drawn and announced August 7th. To enter the drawing just subscribe to our email announcement of new shows. More details can be found in our Episode 25 show on glues.

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