Sealed Versus Unsealed Granite

How To Care For Granite

In this audio episode of The Handyguys Podcast The Handyguys discuss granite care and granite counter-top maintenance

Granite Care

The Handyguys discuss:

  1. Granite Care products from DuPontGranite generally requires re-sealing every 1-3 yrs. Check with your installer to see what they recommend.
  2. Topical vs penetrating granite sealers (stripping/re-sealing/permanent/etc).
  3. Granite should only be washed with dishwasher soap & water. No harsh cleansers. Exception is something like the Dupont product which is safe.
  4. There are various tests you can perform to determine whether your current granite counter-top has been properly sealed.

Dupont Site FAQ

How can I tell if my granite or stone has already been sealed?

Apply a drop of water at least ½-inch in diameter to the top of the stone and let stand for at least 15 minutes. Cover with a glass to inhibit evaporation. If the stone did not darken then your stone is probably sealed against water-based stains. Testing for oil repellency is not as simple because if your stone is not sealed, you will have an oil stain.

Sealed Versus Unsealed Granite

  1. You should avoid products with ingredients that include lemon, vinegar or other acids which can damage your counters.
  2. The Handyguys try out a couple different granite sealers including DuPont™ Granite & Marble Countertop Sealer

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9 thoughts on “How To Care For Granite

  1. Nice tip on how to check for sealer but it sometimes difficult on lighter patterns of granite. Based on usage, busy kitchens, I instruct my clients to reseal every year regardless,

  2. I agree with the others about the test if it’s sealed or not. I think this step is really important since if you seal your counter top when it already has been sealed, then more problems would arise.

  3. I’ve heard that some people skip the step about the covering it with glass. What do you think of this? I’m sure it’ll have the same effect, right?

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