Deere Oil Change

Tractor and Mower Maintenance Video – Oil, Fuel, Air, Grease and Spark

In this video episode of The Handyguys, we discuss some common tractor and mower maintenance for your John Deere.Deere Oil Change

We discuss changing oil, checking air filters, the location of spark plugs, grease points and fuel filters.

John Deere sells a home maintenance kit specifically for your tractor. It contains most of the items you will want for DIY maintenance of your tractor. One thing the kit does NOT contain is a grease gun and grease. There are grease guns from Amazon similar to the one used by The Handyguys in the video.

Make sure you follow all the manufacturer provided instructions and recommendations for maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your tractor.

John Deere Tractor SeriesJohn Deere has provided The Handyguys the products used in this evaluation. However, the opinions of The Handyguys are entirely our own and we have not been paid to make positive comments.

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