Door Devil Anti-Kick and Door Frame Repair Kit

Upgrading Door Security And A DIY Flowchart

In this audio podcast, The Handyguys discuss how to upgrade the entry doors in your house, with a Door Devil™, for increased security and then discuss a flowchart for determining if DIY projects are right for you.

Door Security

Door Devil Anti-Kick and Door Frame Repair KitThe Handyguys have discussed home security in the past but it usually involves systems that alert the homeowner or the police when there is a break-in. The device we talk about on this podcast designed to deter the bad guys from gaining entrance in the first place. The product is the Door Devil™ and Paul and Brian try it on for size!

Top 3 DIY upgrades recommended by Police

In some areas break-ins are on the rise. Some people’s first reaction is to say “we need to get an alarm system”. Unfortunately many break-ins occur in houses that HAVE alarm systems. The thieves don’t care because they’d kick the door and run in/out in Blitzkrieg or NASCAR Pit crew style before the alarm company was even notified or police can respond. Thieves are in, out, and gone in 4 minutes or less. Certainly, the alarms provide incentive for them not to linger, but don’t provide the deterrent or defense necessary to protect the home. One common denominator to many such break-ins is ‘Kicking the Door’. The Door Devil™ addresses this and addresses it in a robust and secure way.


You can upgrade the security of your entry doors with a Door Devil™ very easily. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. No special tools are required. The image below outlines the basic steps for most installations. In the podcast we discuss some of the special circumstances that you may encounter. Make sure you listen to the podcast for our impressions as we discuss the product, its installation and considerations you will need to make before installing one (or more).

DoorDevil Brochure
Click this image to see it larger. Make sure you check out the free shipping promotion for our listeners!

DIY Reality Check Flow Chart

It’s time for a DIY reality check! Have you ever considered doing a DIY project but have been uncertain if you have the right skills, time, ambition, money or help to get it done? Run your project through the DIY Reality Check Flow flow chart. We can’t take credit for creating this but none the less we like it, a lot. In the podcast you can hear us explain the flow chart. We run the previously discussed Door Devil project through the flowchart and got the green light to go ahead with the project. We then try the steps with a couple other projects and got a couple “stops”.

So, before you begin that next, new, uncertain, DIY project try running a reality check. It could save you some grief down the road.

Diy Flowchart

We would like to thank Rachel from for providing the flowchart. Thanks.

Door Devil has provided The Handyguys their products mentioned in this podcast and have compensated us for our production time. However, the opinions of The Handyguys are entirely our own and we have not been paid to make positive comments.

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