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John Deere LA115 Lawn Tractor Controls Overview Video

In this video, we give our viewers a brief overview of the controls of the LA115 lawn tractor from John Deere.

Controls Overview

John Deere ControlsThis video is a follow-up to our audio show Episode #118 – Controls, Maintenance and Cutting Techniques of a John Deere LA115 Lawn Tractor. Many of the controls are identical to other models from the 100 series.

Feel free to comment on this video if you have any specific questions about any of the controls.

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3 thoughts on “John Deere LA115 Lawn Tractor Controls Overview Video

  1. The mower on my JD 130 does not go on with the switch. One day it will run, the next time no. Can you suggest any solutions?

    1. When it doesn’t run what do you do to get it going? Do the lights turn on? Does it begin to crank?
      I would suspect one of the following:
      Bad battery
      Loose connection on the switch
      Loose connection on the battery terminal

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