Controls of the John Deere LA115

Controls, Maintenance And Cutting Techniques Of A John Deere La115 Lawn Tractor

The Handyguys discuss the controls and maintenance of a John Deere LA115 lawn tractor in this audio only podcast.

John Deere LA115When Handyguy Paul first received his LA115, he sat on the seat, stared at the controls and realized he better read the manual. It is not as simple as turning the ignition and mowing the lawn. Your first step when using any power equipment is to read the manual and understand all the potential dangers involved. The Handyguys mention a couple of these safety warnings:

  1. Any power tools with rotating blades are dangerous but mowers have the added danger of being mobile.
  2. They will amputate any human limb that gets in their way.
  3. They can hurl objects through their discharges.

Please review and understand all the controls and safety devices on the mower before using for the first time.

Do not allow children to play with or on mower. Do not give rides as it could encourage children to treat the mower as a toy. You don’t want children running out to a moving mower while you are mowing and unaware of their presence. Children should stay away from mowers and understand its dangers.


The Handyguys explain the controls and features of the LA115 tractor. Here are some of the features that the Handyguys noted in their podcast are:

Controls of the John Deere LA115

  • This model has a combined choke and throttle lever.
  • There is a “window” under the seat revealing your gas level.
  • In order for the mower to start, you must have a brake depressed, the blades disengaged and be sitting on the seat.

Listen to the podcast for a full review of the LA115 controls


Like any mower, you must maintain the engine and chassis to keep it running smoothly. Most important, you must change your engine oil after the first 8 hours of mowing and every 50 hours after that. The Handyguys will be releasing a video detailing this maintenance within the next month. Be sure to check it out for details on basic maintenance, including changing engine oil, lubrication and removing the deck.


Football Field Technique
Handyguy Brian describes the technique like a football field. Mow the end zone and sidelines first and then in field. This technique will give you enough room to make your u-turn in a previously cut area.

Your owner’s manual has some good tips regarding technique. For a healthier lawn, mix up your pattern from week to week. Essentially you will want to do the edges and around flower beds first then cut even rows over the remainder of your lawn. Overlap your cuts a little to make sure you don’t miss a spot.

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