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Using a Pneumatic Nailer for Target Practice

nail gun targetIn this video, The Handyguys demonstrate the potential dangers of a nail gun’s power by taking it to a gun range and shooting a target at about 25 yards.

Please do not try this at home, or anywhere, ever.

It took a bit of practice, some fenagling with the right combination of nail guns, pressure settings, trajectory, choice of nails and other factors but we made the shot! Yeah, we were at the range for a while.

The target is a ‘clay pigeon’ held in front of a paper target with some thumbtacks. The backboard of the target was made of deteriorated strand board which enabled the flying nail to easily penetrate from 25 yards. We will not tell you what pressures we used. We won’t tell you how we tricked out the nail gun to fire through the air.

For those of you looking at the video closely, you may wonder about the black mark on the paper target after the hit. That was just black dust from the breaking clay target.

This isn’t a typical Handyguys TV video. We did this for fun. Please do not try to reproduce our results. We took many safety precautions including eye and ear protection and used a private facility set up for target practice.

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Thanks for watching!

13 thoughts on “Using a Pneumatic Nailer for Target Practice

  1. So I know that this was done to show the power of a nail gun but how much fun did you guys have doing this? lol.

  2. This was faked. I am an expert in everything and know better! Nailguns only shoot 1 to 1.5inches past nail depth if you set the depth control correctly.

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