Sharpening your mower blade

How to Sharpen a Mower Blade

In this video, The Handyguys show you how to sharpen and balance a mower blade. Three different sharpening techniques are shown.


Sharpening your mower bladeThree different sharpening techniques are shown

  • Using a file
  • Using a sander
  • Using a grinder

We didn’t discuss using things like a dremel attachment or purpose-built tools for sharpening.

Blade Balancing

When you sharpen, it is also important that you “balance” your blade. If the blade is not balanced, it can shorten the life of your mower and even be unsafe. We show you a very simple technique for balancing the blade in the video.

PS – Sorry, the shop is sooo messy.

11 thoughts on “How to Sharpen a Mower Blade

  1. Great post as usual guys.

    I recommend sharpening blades once a month. I find it easier to remember sharpening as a part of a regular maintenance program than to let the grass tell me if it’s time to sharpen my blades.

    One word of caution to your readers. You mentioned, in passing, that if you don’t balance your mower blades they can damage your mower. You really should think of replacing your mower blades at least every three seasons. Every other season would be better.

    1. John, Thanks for the tips. A sharp blade does keep the grass looking nicer. What did you think of my DIY technique of balancing the blade using a nail? Its always worked well for me. People can also buy commercially made balancing tools. I have an old tractor I use at a campground. Some years I replace those blades more than once a season because of hitting rocks, stumps, roots or other debris. I’m going to give the Deere a workout over the Independence Day weekend and see how it does at the Campground.

  2. Great post! I know a lot of people don’t now how to sharpen their mower blades and it’s great that you show 3 different ways to do it for those that don’t have all of those tools and machines. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Liz. We handyguys love having different tools for the job readily at hand. Personally, I prefer to use the sander to sharpen my blades. Or, the bench grinder. Well, I guess it depends! I sometimes use both!!! I’ll use the sander to clean up any rust and the grinder to put the edge on.

    1. some grinders have a little shelf or platform that is used to guide the angle. Just follow the old angle on the dull blade. You can do it by eye if needed. You dont need to be too picky, just get it close.

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