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Listener Questions – The Steven Show

House QuestionsThe Handyguys receive many questions from our listeners but there is one listener who has sent a plethora of questions all by himself. The Handyguys decided to tackle “Steven’s” questions all at once – rapid fire style.

Here are the topics covered in this lightening round. Listen to the podcast for our answers.

  1. Woodpeckers making unwanted holes in the house fascia.
  2. Replacing an electric water heater with a gas unit. Considerations given to the on demand and high efficiency units and the venting of the heater.
  3. Ants in the house. Watch out for food and water sources that may be attracting the bugs.
  4. Trimming decorative Trees? So how do trim them? Please let the Handyguys know?
  5. Priming paint repair jobs? When do you prime? What kind of primer? Oil or latex?
  6. Pressure washers? Gas or electric on house, driveway, car? Did he say car?
  7. What do you do about a refrigerator that is frosting up inside?
  8. Resealing a long driveway? Should it cost $1500?
  9. Adding a storm window to a skylight.
  10. How do you clean up the mess “Great Stuff” makes on wood floors?
house needing work
A house like this would NOT be a likely candidate for an average Handyguy to tackle on their own.

Get your answers to all of these issues and more on this episode of the Handyguys Podcast.

To all our fans, followers, listeners and readers. Don’t forget you too can ask us a question. We try and answer every question we receive. Our contact information is on our contact page.

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