Danger Sign

Eposode #112 – Safety First

There are dangers lurking around your home!

Danger SignThe Handyguys guys discuss some safety precautions that every homeowner and every Handyguy should consider when working around the home. We can’t cover every aspect of home safety in this podcast but we can provide a quick overview. If you are new homeowner or a handyguy, please pay attention to this podcast.

Fire Protection

Fire ExtinguisherIn general, every home is required to have smoke alarms and many homes will be required to have sprinkler systems as well (this is being added to future building codes). However, you should also have fire extinguishers in key locations like the kitchen and garage (or other work areas). Many people have fire extinguishers but don’t know how to use them or even forget where they are. Find your fire extinguisher and read the instructions.

Electrical Safety

Use voltage testers! Make sure you are not working on hot wires. Stop and think before doing anything dumb.

Plumbing Safety

Watch out for fires when you are soldering copper.

General Carpentry Safety

Every tool is a safety hazard, especially power tools. Don’t wear loose clothing around them and be sure that you spend time reading the manual on those shiny new tools.

Lawn Work Safety

eyes and earsEye and ear protection is a must and watch out for flying debris from the mower and other lawn tools.

Furniture Finishing Work Safely

You always hear about how you need “good ventilation” when you are working with solvents, but another danger is spontaneous combustion. When you dip rags into a solvent such as linseed oil, they can spontaneously catch on fire when they are crumpled up and disposed into a trash can.

Blood in the garage???

There are so many dangers around the home. The Handyguys should film a “blood in the garage” video to convey those dangers. Anyone know a special effects guru?