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Appliance Repairs For The DIYer

A parts diagram of Paul’s washing machineThe Handyguys discuss DIY appliance repair resources. In this episode Brian stops Paul from going too deep into his DIY washing machine repair without doing a little more research on the Internet.  Listen for the full story.

What Kind of Appliance Parts Can I Buy Online?

If you are planning any do it yourself appliance repair projects then you are likely shopping around for the best place to purchase your replacement appliance parts. Traditionally, some appliance parts were carried at your local hardware store or appliance store. If the store didn’t have what you were looking for then you could special order the parts that you needed. Often, that was expensive and the parts could take some time to come in leaving you without a working refrigerator, washer, dishwasher or other useful appliance.

home improvement on A washer pumpToday there is another option. There are now internet websites that carry a large selection of parts for your household appliances. The best part about shopping internet websites is the large selection of parts that they carry and can ship to you immediately.

Below is a sampling of some common parts that are carried by online replacement stores.

  • Washer parts: Pumps, Couplings, Agitator Kits, Knobs, Valves, Motors, Switches, Belts, Hoses and Gears
  • Dryer parts: Heating Elements, Lint Filters, Belts and Rollers, Thermal Fuses, Thermostats and Blower Wheels
  • Refrigerator parts: Water Valves, Defrost Heaters, Thermostats, Defrost Controls and Timers, Shelves, Drawers and Bins, Doors, Handles, Door Gaskets, Compressors and Relays
  • Oven parts: Igniters, Bake and Broil Elements, Knobs, Grates, Drip Bowls, Burners, Valves and Thermostats
  • Dishwasher parts: Dish racks and Baskets, Rollers, Wash Spray Arms, Gaskets, Door Seals, Pumps and Valves

Brian’s PC boardThese parts are carried for a large variety of manufacturers, like Whirlpool Parts, and many appliance models. It is worth checking an online appliance store if you have an appliance that is hard to find or older than 10 years since the online store might have the part that you need and save you the expense of replacing the entire appliance.

Although online replacement stores carry large amounts of inventory, it is still very simple to find the exact part that you need. Many websites allow you to search by appliance model number, replacement part number or description.

So, if you have an appliance that needs repair it is worth trying to find the part that you need at one of the online appliance stores that carry many parts.

The Handyguys talk about
A few key features of are:

  • Live Help available on site via Live Chat, Toll Free Lines, or Email
  • Very Fast Shipping with over 91% of in-stock orders delivered the next day
  • Low Price Guarantee
  • Over 1 million appliance parts in-stock
  • Repair Forum available for those DIY’ers who need a little extra help.  The forum has thousands of questions and answers by professional repair technicians sorted by appliance type.
  • Detailed model breakdowns and photos for help finding the correct part.  Example…
  • Experienced staff with years of appliance parts knowledge
  • They carry parts for all the major brands including Whirlpool, Kenmore, Maytag, GE, Fridgidaire, and more.  They also carry parts for the high-end, harder to find brands like Bosch, Dacor, Thermadore, and more.
  • Website allows to search by Model Number, Part Description, or Part Number

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7 thoughts on “Appliance Repairs For The DIYer

  1. Awesome post guys! Our washer broke down, wife wanted me to call a tech to fix it. Thank goodness you persuaded me to try it myself. After posting a question on their forum, we figured out it was just a broken coupler. $15 and a day later our washing machine is back in business.”

  2. You guys are awesome. I have a dishwasher that hasn’t been cleaning properly for a couple of months. The upper spray arm was filling with water but there wasn’t enough water pressure to rotate it. This meant only the dishes directly above the spray arm were being cleaned. Found one of your videos on line explaining very clearly how to take my model apart. I followed these directions and found 6 cherry pits, glass, pieces of plastic etc. in front of the chopper assembly. Removed everything, put the dishwasher back together and it works!!! I saved $100 on a service call. Thank you!

  3. got a whirlpool washer that smells like belts burning when running. Ultimate care 11, type 111, lsq7030lqo. Any ideas????

  4. Have a GE Adora washer that quit 2/3’s of the way thru the wash cycle and all the lights work but door lock and will not start or go into the diagnose mode.

  5. When your model crushes to a rapid stop in the center of the whirl pattern or you observe your refrigerator isn’t operating, the first thing that operates through your mind is often, “What am I going to do now?” Relax slowly and don’t let yourself become immediately confused by the possibilities of a damaged equipment. You may need a significant equipment repair, but don’t leap the gun by supposing your refrigerator, machine, or other equipment is kaput.

  6. I watched a youtube of yours on how to fix dishwasher when top rack not getting clean. It worked dishes. Nice amd clean. Bit now dishwasher very loud ? Any suggestions on what I may have not pit back together correctly? Thank you.

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