Material Choices When Finishing A Basement

Part 4 in the Basement Finishing Series

The Handyguys are becoming the “basement guys” in this new fourth installment of the basement series. The Handyguys discuss basement materials and revisit some old advice they gave about mowing lawns.

home improvement Pauls Grass sort of looked like thisFirst up… a discussion about some advice that Handyguys gave in Episode #15 on lawn care.  Is it true what one of the Handyguys said regarding your mower height?  Handyguy Paul said that if you mow the lawn lower, the grass will grow faster in order to get more sun and generate more food for the roots. It sounded too good to be true so he sought out to prove his own advice.  Paul performed a little experiment on his backyard.  We could show you a picture here but Paul was a little embarrassed.  He cut a 30′ swath down the middle of his back yard an inch shorter then the outside edges of his yard.  He wanted to see if it would grow any faster then the rest of the yard.  What was the result?  You will have to listen to the podcast and see if the Handyguys offered good advice or bad advice.

Steel StudsThe Handyguys then discuss the many choices that you have in regard to basement materials.  You want to finish your basement but what materials will you choose? Should you use steel studs or wood?  What about the pre-fabricated basement systems?  Drop ceilings or sheet rock?

The Handyguys also discuss sound blocking options.

Good design from home improvement is key to a sucessful basement project.Photo © 2008 Bungalow Chronicles

Good design will help your basement blend in with the rest of your house and not feel like a cheap addition. Planning and good material choices with a good decorating sense will go a long way.

Material talk and more discussions about your basement on episode #19 of the Handyguys Podcast.

Thanks for listening!

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  1. This expert advice is very helpful for us to choose the right basement material. Thanks for sharing this helpful information.

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