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How To Pick Paint Colors

We have covered a lot of topics here on the Handyguys Podcast. We have discussed everything from small repairs to major renovations. But while we can lead you through all the required steps for finishing a basement, we can’t begin to talk about one of the final steps that affects the entire project. Paint color. Color SamplesYou see Brian and Paul don’t do color. If we don’t get instructions for a specific color, we will paint the entire room with the clearance aisle cast-off. Not a good idea.

So, we thought it would be a good idea to bring a color expert onto our show.

Lori Sawaya, principal, Color Strategies, LLC

Meet Lori from The Land of Color (formerly Color Strategies). She explains how one becomes a color expert. She also discusses how colors are selected in a residential setting.

If you are getting ready to paint, Lori has some great tips to get you started on that home makeover. These are tips even a Handyguy can understand. Check out the podcast for all the details.

Picking Paint Colors

Here are some basic strategies for choosing your paint colors:

1. Consult with a color expert. You can Google for color consultants in your area or you can look for one at the websites of certified color consultants You may also ask the staff at a local paint store for a local color expert.

2. Paint samples onto a paint board, not directly on the wall. This will allow you to move the board around to different areas of the wall to see how your sample colors look in the available light. Poster and small pieces of drywall will work. You can also use a product called truehue color test board.

3. Once you have decided on a color, make sure you properly prepare you walls and use proper painting techniques.


Please listen to the Podcast to get all the information.

You can find more information about color at Lori’s website The Land of Color¬†and listen to her podcast at

Until next time, have fun selecting your next paint colors.