Porter Cable Tools that can be bought reconditioned

Buying Reconditioned Tools

Should the Handyguy consider “reconditioned” tools when making a purchase on the Handyguys Podcast store? The Handyguys talk about their experience with reconditioned tools and invite a listener the chime in on his recent purchase of a sweet Bosch compound miter saw through the Handyguys Amazon store.

Bosch 3912There are many advantages to reconditioned tools, but before the Handyguys can detail their experience with the reconditioned market, they talk to Ryan from Grand Rapids about his Bosch tool purchase.

What exactly are reconditioned tools? There are probably some variations between manufacturers, but Porter-Cable explains their reconditioned tools:

Factory reconditioned occurs when a unit has come back to us. It could be for a myriad of reasons, i.e. could have been a demo tool at a show, a product that was returned within the first 90 days (per our, no questions asked, return policy), or it could have been damaged in shipment, or experienced a failure in some way shape or form. Regardless, the tools that do get returned to the National Disposition Center are refurbished, repaired, and retested. These tools are then backed by the same great warranty as if it were a new tool (however the user most likely purchased it at a 25%+ discount over the normal new retail price). If you look at the tool, they are in new housings, and are in new working order, but instead of a yellow, or white and red box, they come in a cardboard craft box.

Porter Cable Tools that can be bought reconditionedThe Handyguys have purchased many reconditioned tools from Porter-Cable. They detail their experience and the pros and cons in this episode of the Handyguys podcast.

Oh…you may wonder if there are any downsides to purchasing reconditioned. Indeed, there is the problem of not knowing when a particular tool will become available as a reconditioned item in our store. They don’t make them that way. So check out the complete podcast and try out a reconditioned tool on your next purchase.

9 thoughts on “Buying Reconditioned Tools

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  2. I don’t know why I hadn’t considered this before. Being young to the DIY scene myself, I am slowly acquiring tools as I need them on projects. I also have to make sure I have room to store them after purchase. This may be an easier way to get some of the larger tools I want without hitting the wallet so hard.

  3. Reconditioned battery powered tools for me are a “no way.” Shop tools or anything that plugs into a wall (especially big items) are more prone to me purchasing them due to my weary attitude to the lifespan of portable/battery powered tools.

    Call me crazy, but that’s my reconditioned tools rules~

    1. Yeah, battery technology could be a bit iffy. The LithiumIon battery technology has worked well for me although I haven’t gotten any battery tools recon.
      Thanks for commenting.

  4. This is impressive and informative article! Thanks for sharing with us. I’m happy to see and read it.

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