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Freestanding Ipe deck features and best practices

Use of Ipe plugs for concealed fasteners on your Ipe deck

In this video episode of The Handyguys Podcast we showcase some of the features of a freestanding Ipe deck such as lighting, hidden fasteners, Ipe plugs and aluminum balusters. Some of the things show in this video are Ipe Deck completed construction Use of beam and joist flashing Use of low voltage lighting with concealed […]

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Building a freestanding deck and dealing with voles

Freestanding Deck

On this audio podcast the Handyguys discuss Brian’s free-standing deck and Paul’s Vole problems. How to Build Freestanding Decks There are several advantages to building a deck freestanding, not attached to your house, and few disadvantages. In the podcast we discuss a few points to consider when deciding to build freestanding or not. Potential for […]

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Replacing Water Heater Expansion Tanks and Ipe Decking

Load of Ipe for Brian's Deck

In this audio episode of The Handyguys Podcast, Paul continues his discussion about his leaky hot water heater and Brian reveals what material he chose for his deck project. Temperature and Pressure T&P valves and Expansion tanks Water heaters all have Temperature and Pressure (T&P) valves, many also have expansion tanks. When a T&P valve […]

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Synthetic Decks And GFCI Outlets

The newest generation of synthetc decking looks much more like real wood and has a much longer warranty.

Synthetic Decking Material and a Fiberon Warranty The Handyguys begin the show by talking about whats new in Synthetic decking. Composites versus PVC. While composite decking appear to be maintenance free, some manufactured decks become marred with mold, staining and deterioration. There are many newer synthetic decking materials that now have long warranties. One such […]

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Hardwood Flooring Tips

This unique, high quality, floor was installed by Handyguy Brian. Listen to the podcast for details.

The Handyguys tackle hard wood flooring. The Handyguys would like to thank A to Z Exotic Hardwoods for sponsoring this episode. They specialize in procuring the worlds most beautiful woods. With a virtually unlimited palette of colors and figures in native American as well as imported species, they can use the warmth and radiance of real […]

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Deck Material And Design Part 1

Mr. Cedar

The Handyguys discuss deck materials with Paul Mackie who represents the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association.  Whether you are interested in Cedar or not, the Handyguys have a great discussion with Mr. Cedar about lumber selection for your new deck. It is a great time of year to start planning the new deck you […]

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Deck Woods And Deck Refinishing

Handyguys Podcast on Deck Woods And Deck Refinishing

  The Handyguys discuss decking materials and refinishing your deck. The weather is starting to get warmer and many of us are thinking about getting outside again to use our decks. If you have a deck, it is time to think about cleaning and refinishing your deck for the summer season. If you don’t have […]

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