Use of Ipe plugs for concealed fasteners on your Ipe deck

Freestanding Ipe deck features and best practices

In this video episode of The Handyguys Podcast, we showcase some of the features of a freestanding Ipe deck such as lighting, hidden fasteners, Ipe plugs and aluminum balusters.

Some of the things show in this video are

  • Ipe Deck completed construction
  • Use of beam and joist flashing
  • Use of low voltage lighting with concealed wire
  • Using a boulder for a landing
  • Use of hidden Ipe fasteners
  • Use of Ipe Plugs

Use of Ipe plugs for concealed fasteners on your Ipe deck

8 thoughts on “Freestanding Ipe deck features and best practices

  1. Thanks for sharing this great article , i really enjoyed reading and watching this video ,. keep up the good work.

  2. I love the deck lighting that you show, and how all the wires are hidden. Looks great! Definitely hope to have a deck like that some day.

  3. Nice. These Ipe deck boards were a perfect choice for my rooftop bar/pool area. I can’t wait to have it installed on my place.

  4. Hello. I want to preserve my Ipe deck After it has aged and faded to a silvery hue with some form of clear preservative but I do not want it to lose its silvery hue. Is that possible or will it revert back to its dark color. Also, is it possible to just seal the end cuts which are the most vulnerable areas of the wood before installing it without interfering with the natural aging process. Thank you, Nick

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