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Lawn Multi-Tool

Stihl Kombi System

The Handyguys Discuss the “Leatherman” for your yard. Handyguy Paul wonders if there is an all-in-one tool that can edge, trim, prune, blow leaves and shovel your snow.  Well, with the exception of the snow, there is such a tool.  In fact several manufacturers make such a tool.  Stihl calls theirs the “Kombi” because it […]

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Deck Stains And Tub Glazing


The Handyguys discuss desk stains and tub glazing in one podcast. That’s right, tub finishes. Deck Stains First up is a question from Joan that came in through our new call-in service (see the large “Call-me” link on our web page). Joan asks about the best finish for wood decking with undesirable variations in color. […]

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