Deck Stains And Tub Glazing

The Handyguys discuss desk stains and tub glazing in one podcast.

That’s right, tub finishes.

Deck Stains

DeckFirst up is a question from Joan that came in through our new call-in service (see the large “Call-me” link on our web page). Joan asks about the best finish for wood decking with undesirable variations in color. She mentions naturalĀ Cabbots Australian Timber Oil finish which will not impart much color nor hide the variations in the deck. A better choice is something with some color to allow the beauty of the wood show through. Look for a tinted version of the timber oil finish or use a semi-transparent stain.

You can get all of Brian and Paul’s commentary in the podcast. Thanks for the question Joan.

Tub Finishes

We then address an issue sent to us by Jeff. He writes:

I have a home built in 1947 that my wife and I bought about a year and a half ago, and have spent a lot of time updating little things here and there. My biggest issue that scares me to death is the old tile and the bathtub in the bathroom. Tile inspectionThe floor tile is really old and dull and totally lost all of it’s glaze, the grout is also pretty much black and stained. The bathtub is the same situation and has no glaze to it. I’ve tried to use the super powerful cleaners you can buy at Home Depot or Lowe’s, and it hardly worked at all.

After talking with a friend we have thought about getting our bathtub re-glazed, and we are curious if it is possible to get the tile re-glazed as well? If it is possible, would it even be worth it from a financial standpoint, or would it be less expensive to just replace the tile (which I know is a lot of work)? Thanks guys, I love your show.

Cruddy TubBeen there, done that, Jeff. Handyguy Brian went the route of a complete bathroom gut and remodel but you asked about re-glazing. There are many companies that can do this for you. It’s not a DIY process. There are also companies that can re-do your tub with an acrylic insert. It is sort of a tub within a tub with an acrylic tub surround over the tile.

In the podcast, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of re-glazing, tub liners and complete bathroom remodels. Bottom line, Jeff, if its your only bathroom, re-glazing will be a much faster option and cheaper than a full remodel.

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