Lawn Multi-Tool

The Handyguys discuss the “Leatherman” for your yard.

Stihl Kombi SystemHandyguy Paul wonders if there is an all-in-one tool that can edge, trim, prune, blow leaves and shovel your snow. Well, with the exception of the snow, there is such a tool.  In fact several manufacturers make such a tool. Stihl calls theirs the “Kombi” because it is truly a master combination tool for  your yard.

But first, the Handyguys answer a listener question about cedar siding:

I just bought a house with Cedar siding. I live in Northern IL.  According to the pre-purchase inspector the siding is in fair condition. It needs some sealant and to be retreated or painted. What kind of sealant and paint or treatment would you recommend? I want to keep the current color of the wood as best as possible.

Thanks for the question Jas.  Brian used to have cedar siding on his old house so he has a definite opinion on the matter.  Listen to the podcast for his response.

Combination Yard Tools

Now on to the combination yard tools.  Brian owns and operates one of the Stihl Kombi tools and has found it very useful.  The main benefit is that you only have to maintain one engine for several different yard tools

But Paul is not convinced.  Can this single tool really do a good job with each task or does it have to make compromises?  And are there other manufacturers of these tools?

Brian explains why he likes his Stihl Kombi System, but there are certainly other comparable tools: Ryobi, Echo, Husqvarna, Troybilt, John Deere.

Listen to the full podcast for Brian’s opinion on the tool and for the Handyguy’s overall opinions on this tool category.

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