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Modern Appliances Stink, Quality Of New Appliances

by The Handyguys

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The Handyguys discuss why modern appliances suck stink and briefly discuss how to fix a whirlpool GS6SHEXNL00 side by side refrigerator.

The Handyguys are NOT appliance repairmen

Modern AppliancesFirst off – The Handyuys are NOT appliance repair guys. We are just a couple of handy homeowners who have attempted a couple appliance repairs ourselves. Please don’t call us to come out and repair your appliances. We don’t know everything about all appliances. If its a common issue we have have seen it and can give you some advice but generally we will tell you to continue your research elsewhere. Google is your friend. Try googling a model number. If you got here because of a google search then maybe this info will be useful.

Ranting about modern appliances

The Handyguys rant about whats wrong with modern appliances. So, why do modern appliances stink? More water cleans dishes better, more water gets cloths cleaner, more powerful motors last longer but use a little more energy.  Does it really use less water and energy when you need to run your dishwasher twice because it didn’t get your dishes clean the first time? Same with your clothes washer. If your clothes smell musty and you need to do that extra rinse or a full second wash does that really contribute to being green? It certainly contributes to frustration.

Brian then discusses his front loading clothes washer. It vibrates like crazy. Yes its level and balanced. The repair guys has been out three or four times to replace parts that have been broken due to the vibration but he cant fix the cause of the vibration. The manufacture says my house isn’t build strong enough!!! Hmm, the house is built above code and the floor has been reinforced just to prove its not the house. The manufacture says it should be on concrete and I should move it to the basement or garage and out of the laundry room. Crazyness. This was a very expensive washer from a top manufacturer. Bosch, if you are reading this feel free to respond and prove to us that new appliances DON’T suck stink.

Repairing a Whirlpool Gold GS6SHEXNL00 refrigerator

Bad whirlpool circuit boardThe Handyguys discuss how to fix a Whirlpool Gold side by side GS6SHEXNL00 side by side refrigerator. We will be posting a video soon. What were the symptoms? No controls, light wouldn’t work. When the bulb was removed everything worked. Some other people have similar issues with this series of refrigerators. Fortunately its an easy fix. Essentially it involves replacing a circuit board. The board is in the bottom of the fridge and accessed from the back. We describe the process in the podcast but the video will show you all the steps.

Defrost or not to defrost

Does it ever make sense to not buy a frost free freezer? YES. Yet another modern “convenience” that causes freezer burn and hard ice cream. Listen to the podcast to find out why.

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