100 Episodes of The Handyguys Podcast

Looking Back And Looking Forward – 100 Episodes

100 Episodes of The Handyguys PodcastOne hundred episodes of The Handyguys Podcast. Wow! The Handyguys discuss some of their favorite shows, talk about what is in store for the future and have a special guest, Marc Spagnuolo, aka “The Wood Whisperer“.

Looking Back

Brian & Paul reminisce about some of our favorite shows. We had fun trying out riding mowers in episode 71. The dishwasher episode was great because it gets a ton of plays every day. Talking about snow blowers with The Wall Street journal was great last year and has recently been popular again due to all the snow. And, who would have thought that the how to build a trellis show would get so many hits?

As I’m writing this, I’m thinking — what is a common element in our shows about mowers, snow blowers, dishwashers and trellises? The common element is they all have something extra beyond the podcast. That extra is usually a video, a download or some special images. Expect much more of this in the year ahead.

The Wood Whisperer

Marc was able to call into the show to congratulate us on show number 100. Marc runs The Wood Whisperer website. We didn’t ask him how he came up with the name but it works. Marc has a ton of information for woodworkers. The Wood Whisperer website teaches fine woodworking, techniques and finishes. He engages his audience and provides valuable content. If you want to learn about woodworking, make sure you visit The Wood Whisperer. In this podcast, we talk about each of our websites and our strategies for the future.

Looking forward

Marc gave us a great segue into our future plans. For our regular listeners, you have heard us mention video before. We have posted a few short video clips already. We are in the process of refining our techniques and delivery mechanisms. We expect to deliver quality beyond the generic Youtube video. Think High Definition. We intend to make our regular weekly show available on video as well as audio only. Video subscribers will have the added benefit of some additional content and visuals. We will also be interspersing short how-o videos. You will be able to watch The Handyguys online, on a Roku, Tivo, AppleTV, iTouch, iPad, other portable video players or on the big screen in your living room. This will be fun, so stay tuned, make sure you subscribe to either iTunes, RSS, email or Twitter. You don’t want to miss the official launch of Handyguys TV.

Handyguys TV

4 thoughts on “Looking Back And Looking Forward – 100 Episodes

  1. Good Show! Congrats on the big 100! (I like your graphic with the confetti) Did you change announcers?
    Looking forward to the videos.
    As a “seasoned amateur” woodworker, I’ve followed Marc from his beginning on the Web. In fact, that’s how I first heard about you guys.
    And now, I’ve been following you since Ep. #42.
    Here’s to 100 more….

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