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Exploding Water Heaters And Home Networking

by The Handyguys

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Exploding water heaters and home networking are discussed on this episode of The Handyguys Podcast.

Can a hot water heater really explode? The Handyguys address a comment on their website regarding a hot water heater that has expanded and caused the pipes above to leak. Fortunately, there were no explosions. The Handyguys also tackle the family handyperson and home networking. That’s right, if you are the handyperson in your house, you should have some understanding of basic networking.

Water Heaters

Basic components of a water heater, T&P, expansion tank, water supply, gas lineThe Handyguys received this comment from Sandra:

My hot water heater bowed at the bottom of the tank and forced the tank upward which caused the pipes to leak. Could you tell me what would cause this?

Brian and Paul address potential causes of this hot water heater failure. Fortunately, disaster was avoided but the tank should not expand like that. It seems that there is an important safety element missing from that heater. You can also get more information on water heaters from Episode 13. Sandra, replace the water heater immediately.

You can see what The MythBusters were able to achieve with water heaters with disabled safety devices in this video.

Home Networking

LAN CableIn part 2 of the episode, Paul explains how the family handyman can improve the home networking configuration. In Paul’s opinion, wireless networking technology is just not reliable enough for many of today’s home electronics and entertainment devices. WiFi Access PointThe Handyguys are big fans of running Ethernet cabling throughout the house and specifically to home offices and entertainment centers. More and more television and movies are being delivered via the internet so it is good to have reliable connectivity. Listen to the podcast for more information, especially listen as to The Handyguys are interested in high quality video delivery via the Internet.

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