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How To Paint Like A Pro

by The Handyguys

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In this episode The Handyguys discuss painting. Planning your painting project, materials and tools are discussed in this podcast.


Brian's FoyerHandyguy Brian originally intended to paint the entryway and foyer of his house. The foyer has 17 foot ceilings, a hall leading to the family room downstairs and a hallway upstairs connecting the bedrooms and hall bath. The current color is the builders choice called ‘linen’.  In Episode #2 of The Handyguys Podcast the Handyguys discussed the importance of putting some sample colors on the walls. The reason is the paint color never looks how you expect. The lighting in the store is different than in your home. Also, by putting up some test samples you can see how well, or how poorly, the color relates to colors in adjacent areas.

Well, Handyguy Brian didn’t follow his own advice! The Design Committee wanted the area painted on Saturday and Brian went to the True Value on Friday night to get the paint. Several shades of a taupe color were picked out on sample chips. Brian picked one, bought 3 gallons, and headed home. No samples, how hard is it to pick a shade of taupe? The color bought wasn’t really what was wanted. Yes, its what was picked out and mixed. It just didn’t look right in the space, it had too much of a pink hue to it.

Handyguy Brian's master bathroom ready for paint.

Handyguy Brian's master bathroom ready for paint.

After deliberating with the design committee and also trying the color in the master bedroom it was decided to put the ‘pink’ paint in the master bathroom. Okay, move the painting operation out of the foyer and into the master bath! Don’t make the same mistake. Try out some samples. Fortunately our local True Value sells The Handyguys favorite paint, Benjamin Moore, and also the sample colors.


Painted Master Bath

Here is a picture of Handyguy Brian's master bath. The new Benjamin Moore paint from True Value looks great. We will add a picture of the bathroom after cleanup and decorating soon.

There aren’t many different kinds of materials needed for painting. Of course paint is one of the most critical component of a quality job (after neatness). The Handyguys are very particular about their paint. Using a quality paint will make your job easier, faster, neater and, believe it or not, cheaper. Quality paint goes on smoother, levels out better, and doesn’t drip as much. This makes using quality paint easier. When you don’t have to do multiple coats and clean up drips and spatters your job progresses faster. Lastly, when your paint covers better and doesn’t take 3, 4 or even 5 coats to cover you use less paint, this saves you money.


The Handyguys are all about their tools. We love using power tools when we can. Unfortunately, a painting project is not an area where you have many practical choices for power tools. The Handyguys recently received a question about paint sprayers.

Gary wrote:

I’d really like your guidance on what paint sprayer you would suggest for an 1800 sq ft home where I need to paint exterior and interior walls, fences and even concrete.

The Handyguys discuss weather a sprayer is the right tool for the job and the conclusion is no. Sprayers require a lot of work just to clean. Also, for a decent job you will need to roll the paint out after spraying anyway. Masking off areas where you don’t want over-spray can be a considerable undertaking.

Frog Tape

Frog Tape In ActionSpeaking of masking – In preparing for painting Handyguy Brian discovered an awesome new (new to The Handyguys) product at the True Value. Its called Frog Tape.  Frog Tape is a painters masking tape with one very special feature. It actually works! The frustration that everyone has with painters tape is that the edge it leaves is ragged and uneven. The Frog Tape fixes this problem. It has something to do with the same technology in baby diapers but you will have to research that yourself. Frog Tape is ideal for painting up against tile, cabinets, doors and windows. Anywhere you need to cut in when you don’t have a steady hand and want it to look perfect.

Other Tools

The Handyguys discuss other tools as well in the podcast. Brian, in his master bath, use a paint stick. Its a tool where you can store the paint in the handle and squeeze it out as you progress. It does speed up the process when you are doing a large area with one color. The problem with it is cleanup can take a half hour. Paul would just rather use a roller and tray. Brian likes the paint stick but will only use it sometimes. Essentially they agree that you want a decent brush, roller and paint. If you take your time and use quality materials your project will turn out great.

We were one of five bloggers selected by True Value to work on the DIY Squad. We have been compensated for our time commitment to the program and our DIY projects as well as our posts about our experience. We have also been compensated for the materials needed for our DIY project. However, our opinions are entirely our own and we have not been paid to publish positive comments.
Thanks True Value for supporting The Handyguys Podcast!

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