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Ipe Deck Maintenance

by The Handyguys

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In this episode of The Handyguys podcast The Handyguys discuss Ipe Deck Maintenance, how to clean it and keep it looking awesome.

Ipe Deck Maintenance

Brian’s Ipe deck looked great when it was complete. Eighteen months later is was looking a bit dirty. The wood was still in perfect condition, no checking, no splits or splinters, it was just a bit dingy. After a bit of maintenance it looked great again.

After Cleaning & oil

To keep the deck looking new it will take some annual maintenance.

The Handyguys recommend the following maintenance procedure for all decks:

  1. Hose off any spills, mud, etc as needed.
  2. Don’t allow any items that rust to sit on the deck (propane tanks, metal furniture, etc).
  3. Sweep off any leaves

As needed thoroughly clean and re-oil the Ipe deck. This may be once a year or every other year depending on how much sun you get. over time the re-oil step will not be needed as often.

Ipe deck cleaning solution:

  • One Gallon warm water
  • 1 cup TSP
  • One Quart bleach (if you do not have mold or algae you can reduce the amount of bleach)

Use a scrub brush on a long handle and thoroughly wash the deck with the cleaning solution. Rinse thoroughly and let dry completely.

Deck After Cleaning

After cleaning the deck you can sand any problem areas.


When the ipe deck is dry (at least a day) then re-oil it.  Use either Ipe Oil or Penofin Hardwood Oil Penofin Ipe Oil

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