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Preventing wood rot on door jambs and deck posts

by The Handyguys

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On this episode, Handyguy Paul brings two topics to the podcast pertaining preventing wood rot and to wood and ground contact.

Preventing Wood Rot on Door Jambs

Paul asks Handyguy Brian about the best way to deal with rotting door jambs and in particular the garage door jambs.  Brian discusses this problem in general as it relates to any exterior door. Exterior jams should be primed and painted on their end grain before installing to help prevent the absorption of moisture. The wood end grain acts as straws, soaking up moisture  over time. Once rot sets in, the best repair is normally a replacement of the entire jam. Paul talks about the complications of having the garage door track structurally attached to the jam.

Jamb just prior to wood rot

This door jamb is in the beginning stages of wood rot. The paint is peeling but the wood is still stable. To repair this and prevent damage to the jamb, scrape all loose paint, sand smooth, caulk, prime and paint.

Preventing Wood Rot on Deck Posts

In the second half of this episode, the Handyguys discuss the pros and cons of having deck support posts in the ground verses on top of concrete piers. Decks builders often insert deck posts into the ground which can add stability but may lead to excessive rot over time. Listen to the podcast for more details.
Deck Post on Concrete Footer

This deck post is on a concrete footer using a post base to prevent the post from touching the concrete. The pressure treated post is rated for ground contact and the cut end was treated with preservative during installation.


Post in ground may rot

This post was set in the ground, it is unknown if the cut end was treated, it is unknown if the pressure treatment is rated for ground contact. This pressure treated post is showing signs of deterioration after 6 years.

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