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Mighty Putty Best Practices

by The Handyguys

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The Handyguys discuss how to use Mighty Putty, answer a listener question and talk about Honey Do Lists.

Mighty PuttyThanks to Mighty Putty for sponsoring this episode. We have all seen Mighty Putty advertise on TV and all around the web. The Handyguys discuss how to properly use Mighty Putty to make sure your repair is successful. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Use gloves if you have sensitive skin
  • For best results, clean and de-grease surfaces, then roughen bond area prior to application.
  • If the putty has nothing to grab to then it may not stick
  • Smaller amounts of putty used and lower temperatures will lengthen hardening and cure times.
  • To mix, knead with fingers to a uniform color (off white) (average mixing time is 2 minutes).
  • On painted surfaces, the bond can only be as strong as the paint bond itself.
  • Once hardening begins, do not handle or reposition.
  • After 30-40 minutes the epoxy will harden.
  • 24 hour full cure for weight bearing applications.

The Handyguys want to hear about your cool uses of Mighty Putty. Feel free to contact us on comment on this post. We may publish your best use and send you some Mighty Putty for your next project.Mighty Putty was also kind enough to send us some research data they commissioned regarding women’s Honey Do Lists. Listen to the podcast to hear about why things tend to stay on The Honey Do List so long and what to do about it.

Lastly – The Handyguys address a listener question regarding sealing vents

Michael Wrote to us –

I have central air in my home in MA I also have forced hot water baseboard for heating by oil. All the A/C vents are in the ceiling along with the return vent at the top of the stairs. All these vents have a lever that close them but not that tight. I feel I use alot of heat thru these vents & the return vent I think alot of heat goes up. Is there a product that they sell or do you have a suggestion to cut down on my heating loss thru these vents?

The easiest way to block this potential route of air escaping is to use a vent cover designed for this exact purpose. We have them in the store. We also discussed some other options. Michaele – Thanks for the question.

Thanks for listening and send in those suggestions for how a handyguy might use Mighty Putty.  We will send some free product to the best idea.

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