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Chainsaw Tips And Toilet Tips

The Handyguys answer a question about chainsaws and toilets!

Brian and Paul receive lots of good questions.   When we received a question from Suzanne about her toilet not flushing properly, we thought it would be an easy solution. However, upon studying the issue more closely, we realized that she had a non-standard toilet.

Here is what she asked:

We are having a problem with our toilet not flushing properly.  The handle became hard to push down to flush and eventually broke. We replaced the handle 3 times now but all have broken within a few uses.  It seems the handles aren’t strong enough to lift the flush valve.  It’s like it has a strong suction keeping it closed. Any suggestions as to what the problem is and how to fix it?

Our first thought was that the flapper valve was sticking and making it difficult to release with the handle.  We also suggested that Suzanne look at the handle mechanism itself to make sure it was moving freely.  But soon we found out that this toilet does not have a standard flapper valve.  Check out the picture:

Mansfield Toilet

This is not a common setup. The flush mechanism is made by Mansfield and uses non-standard parts.  If the entire flush mechanism is at fault, you have to remove the entire tank to remove the parts.  However, if just the flush seal is at fault, it can be replaced for about $2.00.

What was the solution?  Check out the podcast. The Handyguys also produced a show earlier in the year on general toilet troubleshooting, check it out here https://handyguys.wpengine.com/58/episode-8-in-the-toilet

Another listener emailed about whether a particular chainsaw was a good buy.  Before we answer the question (I am not sure we ever answered the question?), we discussed two basic issues related to chainsaws:

1)  Should you buy, borrow, rent or steal a chainsaw?

We are just kidding… you should not steal anything.  But you may not want to buy a potentially expensive tool like a chainsaw.  Brian has some good recommendations on whether you should buy, borrow or rent this tool.

 2) If buying, how do you proceed to identify the chainsaw that is right for you?

 There are two main types of chainsaws, electric and gas-powered.  The electric are cheaper and less powerful but handy if you have a small lawn and only need to occasionally cut branches and such.  But be careful!  Brian recounts a dangerous episode with an electric chainsaw.

Husqvarna 372XP ChainsawGas powered chainsaws can do much bigger jobs and are not limited by the length of your extension cord.  If you are going to buy a gas powered chainsaw, it is not worth skimping with a cheap brand.  Look for a Husqvarna or Stihl so that you don’t spend all day trying to get the saw started.

Check out he full podcast for more recommendations and safety precautions when dealing with chainsaws.

In next week’s show we will take a closer look at Mighty Putty!  If you have any suggestions on how mighty putty can be used, please let us know.

5 thoughts on “Chainsaw Tips And Toilet Tips

  1. Wow, this was my exact toilet problem and I’d never seen this type of flush mechanism before. You have no idea how long I’ve been looking online for this.

    Thanks HandyGuys!

  2. YOU SAVED ME…with the pic and podcast you posted you helped me solve my issue exactly…$1.78 the fluidmaster flush valve seal…it’s red and snapped right into my 16 year old float assembly. Great work guys…thanks again.

  3. Thanks for the share. Also when operating a chain saw you want to make sure you have all the right safety equipment on hand before you even think about starting it up. While it may not seem like a big deal, simple things like work gloves and glasses can go a really long way in terms of safety.

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