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Can You Save 50% In Your Energy Bill With A Space Heater?

by The Handyguys

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Can you save 50% with a space heater? The Handyguys discuss this and also discuss a listener question.

HeaterDoor HingeQuestion: Jennifer had some questions about a door that wasn’t hanging straight. Her issue was that the screws were pulling out of the jamb. This is usually an easy fix. Unfortunately for Jennifer it wasn’t, as her circumstances were a bit unusual. The Handyguys discuss some of the more common solutions for repairing a door that has come off its hinges.

The Handyguys then discuss space heaters and address a note from Lisa

Lisa from Condo-Blues Wrote us and said: …for your next show on space heaters, you might want to consider talking about passive solar heat. Esentially it’s opening the curtains, blinds whathave you on the south facing windows of your house in winter during the day. My bedroom has a pitched roof (pretty when we looked at the house. Pretty awful to heat in winter.) this room is always cold in winter and could use a space heater. But I had concerns out pet safety so I tried opening the shade on the windows to see if this passive solar thing would work in overcast Ohio. I kept the shades rasied during the day, while I was at work and lowered them when I got home from work. I was pretty skeptical but it did heat the room up enough that it wasn’t freezing at bedtime. So I saved myself some bucks on buying a space heater for winter and paying for the extra electricity to run it.

The Handyguys have a lengthy discussion about what kind of money (if any) you can save by utilizing space heaters in your home.  One radio commercial reports up to a 50% savings on your heating bill!  The Handyguys doubt you can save  50% on your energy bill unless you are prepared to make some significant lifestyle changes and you live alone. The Handyguys also compare those high priced, heavily advertised, space heaters with some heaters with more down to earth prices.

There are two main types of heaters. Convection and radiant. Each have its pros & cons. A few that The Handyguys like and discuss are shown below. We wrap up talking about fireplace style heaters. Sorry to those folks that may have one as we sort of make fun of them. The one we found at Amazon has great reviews. Check it out if you want an electric ‘fireplace’ heater. – Please consider making your purchase through these Amazon links. Your patronage helps keep The Handyguys Podcast on the air.

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