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Installing a sconce in 7 easy steps

by The Handyguys

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In this video The Handyguys discuss installing a wall sconce to add ambiance lighting, that wont glare on the screen, to a basement home theater.

Glare is the issue, planning is the answer

Installing a sconce from Rejuvenation.comWhen you are considering lighting for your home, whether it be for a home theater, television viewing area, home office, kitchen or other places, it is important to consider placement of lighting so it will not cause glare. When Brian finished his basement he included a home theater. (It’s really not that grand, more a movie watching area) The lighting Brian originally installed were some recessed can lights. Dorena Wall SconceOnce the wide-screen TV was acquired, the surround sound set-up and the furniture placement finalized, it became apparent that light from the recessed cans would cause glare on the TV screen.

The solution became to install some wall sconces. Brian was lucky to find Rejuvenation Lighting out of Portland, OR. Rejuvenation has a large selection of wall sconces. Even better, they had lights that had an old-time movie theater look.


We wont cover fishing wire in this video, that will be sometime later this year maybe.

  1. Locate box location, trace fixture box, cut hole for box
  2. Shut off power
  3. Test that the power is off
  4. Pull wires into hole and then into box – half inch of the Romex sheath should be inside the box
  5. Install box in cutout
  6. Connect fixture wires to house wiring – white to white, black to black, ground to ground. If your fixture doesn’t have a ground wire, the Romex ground should be connected to the fixture bar ground screw.
  7. Mount the fixture according to the directions that came with it

That’s it, in a nutshell, if you have any questions about installing a light or any other questions for The Handyguys feel free to contact us.

Rejuvenation has provided The Handyguys some of the products used in this evaluation. However, the opinions of The Handyguys are entirely our own and we have not been paid to make positive comments.

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