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Selecting a John Deere Lawn Tractor 100 series 300 series

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The Handyguys Discuss John Deere Residential Lawn Tractors

The John Deere Lawn Tractor The Handyguys are busy mowing and evaluating John Deere’s LA115 Lawn tractors this summer. In the first of our 5 part monthly series on residential Lawn tractors from John Deere, the Handyguys expose some of the differences between the entry level Deere 100 series and the higher end x300 select series of tractors. The differences are not always obvious so be sure to listen to the podcast for all the details.

John Deere 100 Series vs x300 Select Series of Lawn Tractors

John Deere Tractor Lineup

John Deere has an extensive lineup of Lawn Tractors. Click this image to see it larger.

Comparing the first two levels of residential lawn tractors from John Deere is a tricky task with subtle differences accounting for the costs when moving up the product line. We had a couple weeks last year to review the X324 select series and now we have completed three weeks mowing our lawns and a field behind Handyguy Brian’s house (2-3 acres) with the LA115 model.

The LA115 mower is highly rated by a leading consumer magazine, and it proves why by cutting a nice even path across our lawns at a brisk 5.5 mpg pace. The LA115 does a great job, but understanding the feature sets across the Deere product line is essential for selecting the best model for your needs.

The John Deere LA115 lawn tractorSo what are the differences between the LA115 tractors and the more expensive x300 series? Brian suggests that the x300 series must have bigger engines or go faster. But the differences are more subtle. You will find higher quality engines as you move up in the John Deere lines but not necessarily more powerful or larger engines (the 100 series uses Briggs and Straton while the X300 uses Kawasaki engines). Both the x324 that we used last summer and this year’s LA115 model max out at 5.5 mph so you can move just as fast in your LA115 as the X300 series tractors.

Other significant differences between these lines include features such as 4-wheel steering (found on the the x304 and x324), bigger gas tanks (than model 100 series mowers), and a longer warranty on the x300s.

Brian makes the point that if you have open areas that require mowing in long straight lines, get the cruise control. It will save your leg from getting tired. You can find this feature in both the 100 series and X300 series but it is not on the LA115 model (sorry Brian!)

Selecting and Ordering An appropriate Tractor

John Deere Mower Selection ToolFirst of all, try out John Deere’s tractor selector. Use this tool as a guide to compliment your research. Be sure to talk to an expert at your closet JD dealership to zero in on the model that best fits your requirements.

If you are leaning toward the 100 series line, you can probably find them at your local home center or hardware store. Typically, the X300 series and higher tractors are purchased at a local John Deere dealership. The mower selector tool will guide you to your closest dealers. If you don’t have a truck or trailer, you will need a dealership that can deliver the mower to your location. The nice thing about working with a  dealership is that they can also pick up your mower if it requires servicing.

As usual, listen to the podcast for more details!

Accessories For Your Lawn Tractor

Be sure to consider what accessories you desire for your lawn as this might effect which model tractor you choose.  John Deere AccessoriesBoth the 100 series and the 300 series support many of the same accessories, but certain accessories may require the performance characteristics delivered by specific models. Your JD expert can steer you to the correct model based on your accessory requirements so be sure to consider accessories along with your mower even if you will not be purchasing those accessories up front.

The Handyguys will continue reviewing our LA115 mowers and provide further information on initial setup, mowing, maintenance, accessories usage and end-of-season shut down procedures during our 5-part monthly series on JD Lawn Tractors.

FTC DISCLOSURE: John Deere provided The Handyguys with the LA115 tractors and accessories featured in this 5-part series. However, the opinions of The Handyguys are entirely our own and we have not been paid to make positive comments.

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